Symptoms of Brain Mets?


I have had a pretty continous ‘tension’ type headache, nauseau (not vomiting) and now numbness on one side of my face. It started about 8 days ago. I had gone back to exercise classes after a very long absence and at first put it down to that but I havent done a class for the last few days and it hasnt gone away.

I know this ticks a lot of the boxes for brain mets so I’m now terrified. I’m trying to convince myself its a virus! I have an annual check up with my radiologist on Weds 23rd so will ask him if it hasnt gone by then.

I was just wondering if anyone who has brain mets can say what symptoms (if any) they had initially.

I finished all treatment June 2008. I’m triple negative so no other treatment. I had no node involvement but was grade 3.

Thank you


Hi Katie

I have just found out i have brain mets… I was getting headaches and then being sick so they took me ain and scanned i hate to say put i do get tingling in my face and arms. I so
would tadlk to someone. Please let me know how you get on itmay not be mets but it needs cxhecking

Hi Katie

I am having a brain scan on Weds as I’ve been worried about the same thing. The difference is that I’ve been having really bad headaches for months.

I’m just wondering if there is a connection with the exercise class. For example could it have made your neck or shoulders stiff and that’s causing headaches? Do you usually suffer from headaches and/or migraine?

I have had a couple of migraines about 15 years ago (way before my breast cancer) where I had numbness down one side of my face.

Good idea to mention to your oncologist tomorrow.
Elinda x

Thanks for your responses.

Elinda, I don’t usually get headaches (except when I overdo the red wine!).

I managed to get a CT scan today and should have the results tomorrow.

Bubbly: The doctor was quite reassuring as my headaches dont tick some boxes, particularly that I dont have them in bed/lying down. Was that your experience? However he agreed that the tingling in my face was a puzzle, but it may be a virus so I’m having blood tests too.I am very sorry to hear of your diagnosis and wish you the very best.

I will post when I get my results.

Best wishes


Hi Katie

That sounds promising, of course we will get headaches and all sorts of other symptoms, but we have to check everything now.

My experience was I banged my head getting into a taxi went to the hos a couple of days later and they said it was concusssion to stay off work and rest.

A week later i thought i had a migraine because i used to suffer with them before my breast but never after (think it was hormonal0.

I phoned NHS direct line and they told me i had to go the the hos started away, which is when they found it.

Hope it goes well tomorrow, will be thinking of you

I am a liver mets lady, not brain mets, so can’t help with symptoms but did just want to wish you luck with your results today, Katie.

Fingers crossed. Kay x

hi all

Just what to know if anyone else has a sore head when the radiotherapy stopped… i was told it would get worse with headaches but it hasn’t beeen that bad. the thing is my head is startin to get sure in a bruised way, now my hair is falling out i wondered if it may be just over sensitive at the time… i am so bad at asking questions i really do need to take a more info from doc but may mind goes blank.

as anyone had this symptoms or could give me any adbice.

Hi bubbly

I felt like I hit a brick wall when I finished my rads and had a pretty easy time with chemo and op before that. I have had ache and pains and recently had to go to my GP to get painkillers for a sore neck and head (nothing sinister checked out with onc) and I hate taking tablets.

I think we are not prepared for the knock on affect of chemo and rads and we soldier on through it but out bodies have been through so much.

Do you have a friendly GP? - sometimes they have more time but I wouldn’t worry, I really think it is just a reaction to all you have been through but don’t suffer in silence. Get support and painkillers if you need them.

Anne xx

hi anne

I will try, i will write things down i think… my docotor is always changing so i can’t even say i know my doc i have met her once this week.

Spent the night pulling my hair out literally ha ha will be bald by tomorrow.

Hi Katie,

My daughter has just had a brain scan. She has the very same symptoms as you, although she does not ha e bc or any other kind of cancer. The neurologist seemed to think that these headaches and numbness was quite common and were probably down to stress. The scan is precautionary as she is going to uni in September.

I hope this turns out to be the case in both your cases.

Take care

Hi All,
Good news, my scan was completely clear! they rckon it was a virus. It has improved a lot in last few days.
Thanks for your support.


Hi Katie,

So glad to hear your scan was clear - what a relief that must be to you.


My brain scan was also clear. I’m so pleased but still having bad headaches so will have to see neurologist about those further down the line…
Elinda x

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Katie and Elinda

So pleased for you that your scans were clear. Isn’t it ironic that we celebrate virusii here on this list!

Also somewhat reassuring for me because I’ve been having headaches (including lying down, all night, not responding to painkillers)and in past couple of weeks tingling in my left arm. I mentioned to surgeon last week and he said he’d redo blood test in 3 weeks (CEA is 6.5 and has been rising) and a scan if I wanted one.

I’ve also found that I absolutely can’t use a mobile phone to talk on any more. That started at the beginning of the year, and I get these ‘migraines’ (?) that last 24 hrs and don’t respond to painkillers. I wondered if anyone else has this problem with mobiles? It’s made me very suspicious of them - especially after doing a bit of googling at continental (europe) research, re mets.

I think I might go back and ask for the scan given what I’ve read on this thread. I’ve also had a lot of neck pain. But am also not sleeping too well because of blood results over past 3 months. I’ve had a couple of virus in past year which involved a 3 week headache so was hoping it was just that plus tension.

But so glad to hear of your good scans.

I went out and bought a really nice lacy vest yesterday as if to say ‘sud it, I’m hanging around here to wear this for a while longer’.