HI just wondering what symptons everyone has had other than a lump?
I’m very tired all the time, have pain in the breast & arm, sometimes in my back too. Been dizzy on & off, sometimes when i stand up everything goes black for a second.
to me this all makes it sound like i won’t have BC when i see the doc on 24th, but at the back of my mind i’m thinking what could it be, if it’s not BC where do i go then?

Hi twinmum,
I didnt have any other symptoms other than a lump which was getting noticeably bigger quite quickly. i felt quite well when i was Dx though looking back i was more tired than usual but put it down to the stresses of life.
I do sometimes get dizzy when i stand up but think that is proberly more to do with blood pressure or getting up to quick.
I didnt have any pain with my lump at all though, but my lump was quite high up and was easy to see ,
The bloomin waiting is always the worst bit , and i know from your previous posts that youve had quite a long wait for your appointment . I hope you get some answers soon and that all turns out well, i know how stressfull this must be for you right now
Keeping everything crossed for you
All the best
Lindiloo x.


I didn’t have any other symptoms than a lump, I was quite shocked when I felt it because it seemed to have come up overnight.

It didn’t feel like a little pea as often decribed, it was much more oval and the size of a 10 pence piece. ( I had had a pea size lump the year previous and that was a cyst)

Your wait will probably seem endless, its always the worst bit but honestly I see more folks with smiles leaving the results clinic then folks being lead to Breast Care Nurse rooms.

Take care


I found my lump because my upper arm was aching so I thought I would have a check of my boob at the same time. I suffer from meniereres but I was suffering a few more dizzy spells and nausea than usual. I was referred to the breast clinic but the mammogram and scan showed up nothing althoug I do have large breasts!
The consultant wasnt convinved however and did a needle biopsy.
The result came back intemediate so I had a core biopsy last Friday.
What upsets me is the waiting fore results! The clinic is only open on a Friday so I have to wait till this Friday afternoon for them.
How common is it to have intemediate result then a positive?
Oh dear the waiting.