t-shirt--email from Breakthrough


I got a reply from breakthough.

Dear Pat

Many thanks for your email and apologies for not replying sooner

Although Breakthrough did receive some positive comments regarding the
t-shirt, over the weekend it has become very apparent that it has also
created a great deal more upset and anger. The views of our supporters
and all people affected by breast cancer are incredibly important to us
and as such we have spoken with the company today asking them to remove
the association with Breakthrough Breast Cancer from this product.

I would like to unreservedly apologise for any upset this fundraising
initiative has caused. The opportunity arose from the company wanting to
help us raise funds in our fight against breast cancer and was motivated
by their very personal connection with the disease. We accept on this
occasion we made the wrong decision and we would like to reassure all of
our supporters that we will act on any lessons that can be learnt.

Please do contact me if you have any questions, or want to discuss this
or any other matter further

Thanks OAL
Am just watching the Wright Stuff live… so far seems sensible…

Irene … annoys me!

Apparently the t-shirt has been withdrawn from sale.

Irene made me cry - and I don’t cry!

Me too RevCat

I just think that as the tshirt goes its fine… wear it if you want…I could be brought before now …its the connection to BC that is wrong!..Irene had a mother with BC but not herself… maybe she would have felt different if it was her boob!
We all know that we use laughter and humour to hide real feelings sometimes!

The teeshirt, and other very similar ones, are widely available from many manufacturers so if people want them they’ll buy them. As you say, it’s the link that’s the problem.

If Breakthrough and English Threads really want a link then they ciuld could choose one of their other teeshirts.

I like to think my sense of humour is intact - there’s some fantastic in-humour on this site but that’s the point - it’s IN-humour.

I went for coffee at school with my friends this morning…they all loved my badge… “i heart tits”… but i knew that those who would see it today would not be offended!


I’ve had to same reply.

Like Charlotte, I’m not again the t-shirt, each to his own, it’s just the wrong design to use for fund raising for a BC charity.

I agree Revcat, without my sense of humour, which at times is wicked, I wouldn’t have got through all the rubbish over the last 4 years. The trouble is that I just don’t find this t-shirt funny in any context but certainly not used for BC.

Well done girls on The Wright Stuff. What amazing things we can do when we all work together. Thay said on The Wright Stuff that this had been on the forum for weeks. It was actually first posted last Thursday night.


posted on “the wright stuff” fb page…
Julie Gresham ‎3 words would have made the tshirt less offensive and get the message across about breast cancer and those 3 words are-NOW CHECK YOURS!!..
that would have been great!

Cat:“If Breakthrough and English Threads really want a link then they ciuld could choose one of their other teeshirts”

No thanks.
The MD of English Threads has proven himself, by his behaviour over this issue (deleting comments from cancer sufferers, asking his mates to post on his wall to say the T-shirt is great), to be a ***.

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Good result that the tshirt been withdrawn now. Thought it was handled quite well my mr wright, dont always agree with his bullying antics.

On a diff note - left the programme on and they went onto doctors telling the sex of unborn child and some stupid woman came on saying how devastated she was that she was told she was having boys…grrrrr really made me angry, from someone who has been trying to have a baby for 2 years, fell pregnant only to have a miscarriage. I wont be able to be a natural mum now and she moaning about the sex of her two babies, well i hope she dont ever tell her boys how devastated she was when she found out about them grrrr

Sorry for rant on totally unrelated topic xx

Hi Clare - it annoyed me too! I don’t have children of my own and am happy that way (being single, forty-something and a vicar is part of that!) but that people would disappointed to be carrying a healthy child of either sex… nope, don’t get it at all. Would they abort girls just cos they might have to join this club… where would it stop? Off topic maybe, but a valid point you raise as lots of women on here would love to have children and now probably won’t be able to.

Agree with Ninja re ‘no thanks’ to English Threads. And Irene made me cross re the positive attitude twaddle…I am a positive gal and positivity has helped me through 8 years of treatment as a stage 4 from the beginning patient…5 years of hormonal treatments and now 3 and a half years of constant chemo, Capecitabine. But all the positivity in the world won’t stop me dying, eventually, from breast cancer. I’ve lost some lovely positive mates to this disease.
Sorry, feeling ranty.

Charlotte, I love the "now check yours’ comment.

Not ranty… you’re being honest not the same thing

Ninja, fair comment

Thanks RevCat. :slight_smile: x

OAL not my idea… just passing it on…
although we know that checking boobs wont always find whats there!