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Hello All,

I hope you are well on your respective journeys.
I am moving on to my next stage having just completed chemo. My surgery is planned for early November.

Looking for anyone who has been through similar surgery or be undertaking similar in the coming weeks. Also any recommendations/tips.

I have read up on all the information the breast care nurse have provided inc exercises, did some research as well but looking for more ‘lived experience’.

At one point debated with myself to whether just stick to wide local excision + SLNB and not worry about ‘disfigurement’ or symmetry etc.

Thank you and take care x

Just to also add a bit of context regarding my concerns for undergoing mammoplasty now.

This was in relation to the additional surgery time required for ‘making pretty’ and the post op discomfort for the surgeon to then having to go back in again depending on path lab results of tissue and nodes? (Essentially undoing all the initial mammoplasty work?)

Hmmmm…any views/experience?

I had the same surgery 18 months ago. I found recovery from the surgery very straightforward other than I had a small area where the wound broke down but this healed very quickly . The cosmetic outcome is really good too. I would definitely not hesitate to have this surgery . I was very fit going into surgery and I think this helped . I also was exercising very quickly after my surgery as soon as my surgeon said I could .

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Hello @Pitters,

Thank you so much for your response. I am really pleased to hear about your experience, bar the slight wound issue. I am active myself and plan to follow post op advice such as exercise, bra to support, physiotherapy etc

I am worried about the scar and discomfort from the SLNB (on the side) for when I sleep. This I imagine will take time to heal due to its position.

What was your experience of the radioactive dye and tag insertion pre op?

Thank you once again for sharing your experience and take care of yourself x

The radioactive dye stings a little when it goes in but it’s no big deal. I have had major back surgery in the past and getting over my breast surgery was really easy compared to that. My lymph node scar was uncomfortable but I had full range of movement very quickly . With the tags they are a bit like having a biopsy . I was a bit complicated and had 4 of them but just viewed them as being a way of ensuring my surgery was the best it could be .

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I really appreciate your help and prompt information @Pitters. It has helped a lot in putting my mind at ease. Thank you x

No problem. If you wanted to talk to someone who has had similar surgery then the someone like me service would be good to contact. They would match you to someone similar . Good luck with your surgery .

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Hi Dhillman

I had a bilateral (both) wide local excision (lumpectomy) and SLNB on both sides in July and now on chemotherapy and Herceptin. I had one incision of either side of the breast (possibility of two if 5hey can’t do biopsy from one) which made it difficult to sleep anyway but on my back wearing a soft tshirt bra from Asda 24/7 for 8 weeks, 8 have largish boobs and needed the support. Like you there was a possibility of more surgery if the margins or Lymph nodes weren’t clear. So this was the best surgery. I was informed that I would have indents where the tumour and margins were removed; then the radiotherapy can also change the shape and texture of your breast. I was advised that cosmetic things can be dealt with a later date if required. Possibly inject fat to fill out indents (lip modelling/filling)

I had wire guided procedure the day before surgery using ultrasound, one tumour was far back so they placed a tag inside. Needed radiation injected into both breasts to help with SLNB. It’s stings even though they give you local anaesthetic.

Hope this helps, if you are concerned or want more information talk to your team or call breast cancer now nurses.

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Thank you @naughty_boob. It certainly helps.

That was my thinking do the basics and tidy up later once it’s all out and clear. I know there are no guarantees.

It’s like the question whether you should best get rid of the whole boob and be done with it or conserve.

Bilateral must have been tough for you to manage. I can only imagine.

Looks like I will need to chat with my local BCN. It’s so difficult to decide as I want to avoid unnecessary discomfort of additional procedures.

Thank you xx

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Yes I agree you need to weigh up what’s right for you. Get all the information. My surgeon didn’t pull any punches about surgery and radiotherapy sides effects. I can see to clear indents from the front but the scars can only be seen in profile. Treating scar with bio oil after dressings removed. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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