Tail bone pain is stressing me out!!

Hello all,

I am new to this group so perhaps I should start with a little introduction …I was diagnosed with primary  breast cancer in November 2018 I had a lumpEctomy and ANC followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy and finished active treatment in July 2019 - in general my recovery has been going really well I’m back at work I’m feeling fit and healthy and I’ve had a clear mammogram and several check ups, so everything is fine. The only thing that is really stressing me out at the moment is discomfort which has developed in my tailbone area it hurts and I’m sitting down and sometimes after I have been running - it stressed me out so much before Christmas that I saw the consultant on New Year’s Eve and she agreed to let me have a bone scan although she said she wasn’t worried. And fortunately the scan came back clear and for a few weeks I was relieved however the pain is still there it comes and goes sometimes its worse sometimes it is not and I just cannot stop stressing …perhaps it is still something sinister -maybe I need a CT scan …perhaps I’m just overreacting?
 I just don’t know how to cope with the stress I wonder has anyone else had this pain is it perhaps related to the Tamoxifen ? this is what my breast care nurse thinks any help would be appreciated - stay safe everyone!!! 
(PS I am 48) xxx

Hi Truccles

Coccyx pain is horrid. All the obvious causes have been eliminated (my husband had a cracked coccyx from playing rugby at school which only completely resolved itself in his 30s!). I experienced coccyx pain during chemo, which reduced me to almost zombie state, and I know the cause was the position I was propping myself up in and my lack of movement - more easily resolved.

In normal circumstances, I’d suggest consulting someone medically experienced in posture - Alexander Technique, a Pilates instructor, an osteopath - as it may be the alignment of your spine but these are not normal circumstances. Maybe there are exercises on YouTube to help correct posture and protect your tailbone but really it might be risky without a medically-approved diagnosis.

I’m on anastrozole so I can’t say yes to your suggestion about tamoxifen but it sounds just right. Fortunately my coccyx has escaped the anastrozole effect so far, just my feet, knees and hands in PAIN. But if your breastcare nurse thinks that, how about trying another brand of tamoxifen as a first step? There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence that the effects of these AIs can be eased with a change of brand. You didn’t mention it, so I assume you’re not having biphosphonates because my oncologist and GP are beginning to think that’s the cause of my bone problems. I’m mentioning it just in case you do take them/have the infusion. 

I hope someone posts who has shared and resolved your problem. Maybe try some of the relaxation videos on YouTube (Progressive Hypnosis’ Manifest Healing and Michael Sealey saw me through my treatment) to keep the stress under control. This is something you CAN do right now. Take care x


I was treated for primary breast cancer with lumpectomy in December 2014 (age 40) and radiotherapy followed by 5 years of tamoxifen.  I didn’t have major side effects of tamoxifen but within a year or two I definitely went through a period of a few months of very distinct tail bone pain, and like you, it started to freak me out.  I can’t really remember now but I think I mentioned it to a doctor who was not overly bothered, and eventually it went away and I just get very very rare twinges now if I sit on a hard surface for a long time.  I did get my bone density checked out and am borderline osteopenia / osteoporosis so I don’t know if that would be related.   I am now taking calcium and vitamin D supplements.  I find meditation and yoga really helpful for stress.  Vidyamala Burch has a good book “Mindfulness for Health” and I used Williams and Penman’s Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world which I liked.  Good luck

Hi there,

I am on Tamoxifen and experience the same discomfort. I had an xray which was all fine, so seems its another side effect of the tablets. 


I’ve had the same pain since February just as I was finishing my radiotherapy . I also had Taxotere In December 2019 .Pain is worse if sitting a longtime and when I turn in bed . I’m hoping it does ease off ! 

My consultant booked me in for MRI scan a week ago so waiting for the results and I also had a dexa scan today .