Take a look at this

I’m not one to be easily upset by the things people do and say but I’m very offended by this t-shirt


I’ve emailed the firm and they have replied that they have researched with breast cancer patients and all of them said they thought it was a good idea.

They point out that they are trying to raise as much for Breakthrough Breast Cancer as possible and I appreciate that but I find this most inappropriate.

Is it me?

I tend to agree with you on this one. Not what I would prefer to be selling to support the cause. J.

Nope don’t get it either… can’t quite imagine who with b.c. would say yes to it. I’m not upset or offended exactly, just think it’s really naff, tasteless and inappropriate… can’t believe they asked anyone who’d had a mastectomy… or a lumpectomy for that matter and they agreed to it. Bewildered!

Hmm I have to agree that whilst I don’t find it offensive, I do find it completely inapproprite!! Bant believe breakthru bc would want to be associated with it tbh. Can’t believe bc sufferers were supportive of the shirt. Surely referring to ‘great tits’ is at the very least, insensitive, given many of us are living with one/ no breasts, or scarred breasts at best :frowning:
I have to wonder if the tshirt designer was male??

Anyone notice the small print? They pay £4.50 to a company that then donates ITS TAXABLE PROFITS to Breakthrough - so of the £4.50, there could be just a tiny proportion of that money that ACTUALLY goes to the charity.

This is an example of pink-washing plain and simple. If you want to support a cancer charity, JUST DONATE THE ENTIRE COST OF THE FLIPPING T-SHIRT AND SOD WEARING SOME SILLY SHIRT!

I’m not offended I just think it’s stupid. Yes, those of us who’ve had a mastectomy or a WLE and left scarred don’t have great tits anymore, so don’t think that’s particulary appropriate - are they trying to say you’ve got great tits so dont let BC spoil that?

Not appropriate.

I agree it’s awful and very naff - so I will be emailing them too! BTW - chocciemuffin your hair in your profile picture, looks just like mine! (I’m hoping this is your hair!!) and I finished chemo on 4 April.


Well spotted CM!!
El kat- I thought the same. Does the tshirt imply uv got great tits, keep it that way by buying this tshirt + ‘supporting’ bc fundraising??? I will also be emailing. Might just send them a pic of my Mangled chest too just to highlight how inappropriate it is to talk about great tits in the same sentence as bc. Grrr!!

No, Jan it isn’t just you! I found that t-shirt very offensive. I can’t believe that women who have had breast surgery would say they thought it was ok. I can’t believe Suzi Perry is modelling it, she has gone down in my estimation!

I have emailed them too.

Maude xx

Almost as offensive/tasteless as the Katie Price stuff as part of the Asda ‘Tickled Pink’ a few years ago.

Julie x

Couldn’t agree more Julie.

Maude xx

yuk…inappropriate and downright tacky.

Just looked at it again and Suzi Perry looks very uncomfortable wearing it - haha!

Maude xx

eeuugh, what a hideous tesshirt, why would anyone want to actually wear it anyway, its horrible. It’s such a weird thing to put on a teeshirt. Who on earth came up with such a stupid idea, very inappropriate & tasteless.

This reminds me of a thread I remember on breastcancer.org, the American site, on a fund-raising thing by some golfers, named ‘tee off for the ta-tas’ (seemingly an expression for breasts in the US). Smart lady came back saying what would people think of ‘bowling for butt cancer’.


Inappropriate and tasteless!

It’s because people aren’t uncomfortable talking about boobies.
They are uncomfortable taking about bowel cancer or any gynaecological cancers.

Everyones fine with boobs - except that by being frivolous about it is offensive to those of us who have it/had it and it makes it a “sexy cancer” that people “survive”. It’s not and a lot don’t.

It’s like the cr*p people say to us - would they say these things to people with heart conditions/attack or stroke or something very serious. No. Noone tells someone with heart problems to be positive, that they are brave, that they are inspirational or any cr*p like that. It’s patronising and silly. It’s a disease.

“bowling for butt cancer”

Hows about “Fencing for Fannys”

Or “Volleyball for Vaginas”

  • would people wear these t-shirts?

lol, El Kat, that really made me chuckle :slight_smile:

After the bowling for butt cancer I thought I’d try to add my thoughts on the matter but I couldn’t find the words - but you did! There seems to be something about this cancer that people feel kind of OK with, cancer-lite I’ve heard the term used. There’s quite a big debate about the ‘pinkification’ of cancer that I’ve read about, can’t remember if it was here or other sites, but when one has this and is not doing too well, then all the positive stuff can get really quite offensive, IMHO anyway.

There does seem to be a difference in the minds of a lot of people between breast cancer and other cancers. Who wears a snappy logo t-shirt for lung cancer?