Take That

Just wanted to share this with you, a couple of nights ago I went to the 02 arena to see take that.After a awful year with treatment,which has just come to an end,it was so nice to have something positive to look forward to. The concert was just brilliant, I danced and sang all the way through the concert and could not stop smiling.It has lifted my spirits so much,who would of thought a concert could do that.Any way that’s it, just wanted to share that with you.


Really pleased you had such a good time Heidi. I like Take That, even though i am ‘oldish’ I have 3 daughters so i have had to enjoy all these boy bands. We have a new arena in Liverpol and next summer have some grat groups on cant wait.
It is so important for us to do uplifting things and we deserve them dont we.


Hi fellow Take That fans. I saw them at the O2 as well- 3 times! On the 3rd night, 6 of us went in a limo, alcohol flowing etc and I had the time of my life. When I got home, I cried because I had a brilliant night with fantastic friends and felt greatful that I am able to have a night like that. Take That were excellent (that takes a lot for me to say that as I am number 1 Robbie fan) and it was a night that I will always remember. I am going through a ‘born again teenage’ phase and loving every minute of it.

Kat x


How did you manage to get tickets for 3 concerts,you lucky thing.How fantastic to go in style and have a few drinks.I too cried because I had such a brilliant time,but I started crying in the ladies toilets after the show,bit embarassing.You are so right about it being a night always to remember.We were at the front so got some great pictures.Wish we were going on new years eve.

H xx


You are right, we do deserve these nice things,be sure to book yourself tickets in the summer,when those great bands come,you will have a blast.

H xx

Hi Wooley

3 of us tried for tickets and decided what days we would go for. We never thought that we would all be successful! We were only a few rows away from the B stage and played ‘musical chairs’ whenever we saw empty seats- just like I used to do when attending concerts as a teenager- its the thrill of the risk taking-lol! I have got loads of photos etc. I tried the ‘wouldn’t it be lovely to spend NYE with TT’ on my husband. He was having none of it and said I’d enjoy it even more watching it at home on the tv!

I surprised myself when I cried. I think that its because it is a wonderful memory and we had such a fantastic time. It has helped with the process of putting the last 6 months behind me. Life does go on and I am going to make the most of it as I haven’t always done so in the past.

Kat x

Hi Take Thaters

I too went to see them two weeks ago at the O2 they were amazing - I’ve seen them 6 times now and started going to see them in the 90’s with my then 8 year old daughter, she is now 22 and still a huge fan. We saw them in Milton Keynes last in August 06 a few days before my diagnosis. This time is was very special as I had been home from hospital for 7 days after having a DIEP, it was my aim to get to the concert no matter what. I made it although felt like I was in a straight jacket unable to dance or wave my arms!!! My daughter has tickets for NYE - soooooooo jealous.

I hope to be going to any other concerts they do as like previous posting its such a huge lift to spirits.

Off to see the Spice Girls in Jan 08 - makes me feel like 18 instead of 43.

Clare (S)

Hi Clare,

Really pleased that you enjoyed it! A friend of mine got TT withdrawal symptoms and got tickets to see them In Manchester!
I am booked to see Kylie at The O2 in July. I got an e-mail from the O2 thanking me (and many thousand others no doubt) for my custom and making them the number one concert venue. I have to say that the O2 is a fantastic venue.

I am 40 going on 16 but ‘Am I bothered?’!!

Kat x