Taking Control

Hi all,

I’m at the end of chemo and I’m about to move on to surgery and rads.

For the last week or so I’ve been getting these urges to take control of our finances and housework and eliminate household tat. I’m not saying I’m anywhere close to achieving these things as all three are in a mess and will take some months to sort. Those things were also well out of control even before I was diagnosed, so can’t blame the cancer for that.

I don’t know whether this is a sort of “don’t know how much time there is left” thing, a “must be something in life I can control” thing and/or whether the cancer had been sapping my strength well before I even knew I had it and I’m starting to get some back… Maybe a little of each?

Anyone else feeling like that?


I did the same thing myself and cleared out all the stuff we’d been hording. For me, the thought of dying was always in the back of my mind, and all the things my husband would have to do after my death. By clearing out the loft and garage, I felt like I was helping him a little - one less thing for him to worry about! Although it wasn’t the best reason for having a clear out, I feel much less stressed for having less clutter in the house!

I’m rubbish at the household finances though so they can stay in a mess!

I never really thought about death, but I cleared everything out as well and during my treatment I had a mania for tidiness (used to be really untidy lol). For me it was all about clearing all the “dead wood” out so I could start afresh. I’m following a very different path now from the one I was on before all this kicked off and I feel like a different person. I didn’t like the old me very much because of a run of bad luck leading up to this, but I love version 2 and I am in the place I want to be right now.

I got rid of a couple of hypochondriac friends along the way as well and anyone who I felt was a bit toxic.

Hi girlies. It seems that we have a pattern of tidying up and taking charge of things.The only difference is that I can only do it now.It will be my 2nd year sinces diagnosis on 9 nov07 but it was 31oct05 when i found the lump.I went back to work,3 days a week,6months after my last radiotherapy.I had mastectomy in dec05, chemo from jan-july05 then radio from aug-sept05.Finding the energy to do things was impossible but now that i am on the recovery period, i am taking control of the things that i can like revisiting all the finances, mortgage reviews and insurances.I think it is a good thing for us to be doing so as our lives is getting back to a bit of normality.We must always bear in mind not to overdo things,me included…im such a stubborn gril.It is so true that we gain new friends and lost some along the way.Those who cant seem to accept what happened to me can go elsewhere as they are such negative bibes. Having breast cancer opens a new world to explore and made me aware of the real people,friends and family,those who can accept you for who or what you are.