Taking tamoxifin up until surgery?

Hi all

Well,i may just be having my LD flap in about four weeks, after months of problems with my tissue expander!

One question, for those of you on tamoxifin, do you continue to take it up until the operation, as normal?

I am sure someone did tell me that they were told to stop taking it some weeks before the op (i might be totally wrong of course).

I am waiting for my date, which i was told would be in about 4 weeks time.
I seeing my plastic surgeon in two weeks, but thought i would check on here aswell.


Nasreen x

i would ring the helpline about this, they are open this morning. good luck with the surgery

Hi Nasreen

I have had my ovaries out this week as I was high risk of getting ovarian cancer, I was told to stop taking my Tamoxifen 4 weeks before the surgery.
I hope all goes well with your surgery.

I was on Tamoxifen for a couple of weeks between dx and mx - I was told to stop taking it a week before surgery.

Good luck with the recon - hope it all goes well after all the problems you’ve had.

yes I have it in my head from somewhere that it stays in your system for 3 weeks. You could ring your breast nurse, she would know the policy at your hospital

I had surgery and wasn’t told to stop Tamoxifen at all???


Check with your hospital as advice varies - perhaps they even assess each person as part of pre-op stuff taking acount of how oong the surgery lasts etc. I think that Tamoxifen can slightly increase the risk of blood clots and so they will do a balancing act to minimise overall risk as they perceive it.

Am interested as I will almost certainly be having some ‘symmetery surgery’ later this year and am on Tam… will see what my lot say!

Thanks guys.

I am waiting for my op date. It is being brought forward now i think, as expander implant recon has not taken and needs to come out.
So, if i am to stop tamox four weeks in advance, someone from the hospital had better tell me asap, as i can’t wait any longer for this op now.

I appreciate all your responses - thanks.

Nasreen x

Hi Nasreen,

I had a hysterectomy in march this year and no one told me to stop taking tamoxifen.

Hope all goes well, I am going on monday to see plastic surgeon to start my reconstruction journey.


Hi Naz,
It was probably me!
I had to stop mine a month before surgery and restarted when I came home. I was told it increased the risk of blood clots.
I would check with your bcn though as may have a different policy.
See you Thursday,
Tessa x

I’ve been told 2 weeks before, twice, by 2 different surgeons who have “worked” on me…higher risk of post operative thrombosis.
Hope all goes well

Ah yes, Tessa, of course it was you!

Yes, now i remember.

Will see what hospital says as no date as of yet…

Thanks all.


I have been on tamoxifen on and off over the last 5 years in that time I have had a d and c, a wide local excision to the other breast, a hysterectomy and bso, hospitalised for peritonitis and will be having my recurrence in my interpectoral lymph nodes excised on Thursday. The only time I had to stop tamox was during my time on Chemo and for 10 days after my hysterectomy. Both of these were to do with increased risk of blood clots. Chemo increases clotting risk and so does tamox so not good together. Following the hysterectomy my mobility was reduced again this increases the risk of clots so was advised to stay off it but only for 10 days.

Lulu x

Hello Ladies

I’m having LD reconstruction on Oct 14 and I’ve also been told by my oncologist to stop taking it 2 weeks before surgery and wait for 2 weeks after surgery.

I’m down for a tidy up of a LD flap done in March on 12th Oct. MUST stop taking tamoxofen 2 weeks before.


I had a Tram Flap reconstruction in Dec 2010. I was recommended to stop taking my Tamoxifen 2 weeks before. Other hospitals may be different I rung my Plastic Surgeons Secretary and she found out for me.

Good luck and Take Care

Carolyn x