Talking to another mum.

If you’d like to talk to another mum about your daughter’s primary breast cancer diagnosis, then the Someone Like Me service can put you in touch with a volunteer who’s “been there” too. You can speak to the volunteer over the telephone, at a suitable time for you. 


To be put in touch with someone, you can get in touch with us **here **or call us on 0345 077 1893.


Best wishes

Emily at Breast Cancer Care 

Hi, i am in desperate need for advice regarding my beautiful daughter journey through breast cancer chemo/radio therapy. Unfortunately we live in different parts of the UK (1.5 hr flight) so popping over isnt that easy.  I am really really struggling to hold myself together.  I cry day and night, feeling useless and distraught about the future. She is 35 years old and was diagnosed with triple negative invisive breast cancer in April and has just finished her 6 chemo session and due to start a 24 day cycle of radio therapy in two weeks.  She only got married last July and moved into their new home last Oct.  My poor son-inlaw is not coping at all and we are really worried about him. It has got to the point where the house is in an awful state as he cant focus on cleaning. Unfortunately my daughter has been really hit hard following this final chemo and having been discharged from hospital from an investion and his behavior is really taking it tole on her. i have just had her on the phone crying because he has said he doesnt want me over as i add to his stress. i have flown back and forth staying weeks at a time cleaning/cooking and generally looking after them both.i am so distraught and hurt by this as it was clear by my daughters voice that she needed me but didnt want to upset him. Even writing this i am in bits. I live alone although have a partner who is fab but he is not in my shoes. I know i sound ungrateful but he is not here when i break down. i am very good at hiding my emotions. i am so so distraught about the situation that i dont know where to turn… some adive please

I shuddered reading this. My heart goes out to you
My daughter is also 35 and also been diagnosed with stage 3 triple negative cancer. She didn’t go to the doctors until 7 months had passed and the cancer has now spread into her lymph nodes. We start chemo a week before Christmas . She has 3 children the youngest being just 3 years old . How can this have happened?
I think you really need to sit down and speak with your son in law. If he won’t meet you just turn up and I bet he will be ok on a face to face basis .
This is your daughter and it must be breaking your heart not being able to be with her the whole time. He is obviously struggling too . Are you able to speak to his mum? I hope you find the strength to battle ahead with this. I think your son in law actually needs you there but won’t admit it. Why not delicately suggest he has a little break somewhere like his mums or a mate . Just so you can sort the house and spend some time with your daughter. I bet ne needs the break and will be ok. I cannot imagine how hard it must be for you. My daughter lives one minute away and is a single parent with nobody else really. I’m struggling emotionally and thinking of giving up work as can’t cope. Being off dick not an option as I don’t yet qualify for sick pay. You are a lovely mum doing your very best for your daughter so please don’t beat yourself up . Please let me know how you go on xx