Tamox and Zoladex odds

Hi just wondering if anyone has found the odds of adding Zoladex with Tamox for stopping recurrance? Having low mood se’s with Zoladex fine on tamox though. Thinking of coming off Zoladex but worried re odds. The research i have done suggests only few % adding in Zoladex. Any advice/info welcomed x

Hi DizzyDee, 

I am sorry to hear you have been feeling low, I am sure users will share their experiences and support soon. 

If you would like to talk you can always call ourhelpline at 0808 800 6000 who will be able to talk to you about both Zoladex and Tamoxifen. You may also want to read our website information on Zoladex.  The helpline opening hours are below.

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
Late opening Monday and Wednesday 5pm-7pm,
Saturday, 9am-1pm

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Hi Dizzydee,


Just to say that I was put on two years of Zoladex and Tamoxifen 26 years ago, before it had been established as a standard treatment to have both together. Zoladex was under trial at thd time and no one knew if it worked together with Tamoxifen or worked against it. I trusted thd judgement of my oncologist. It worked for me, but then I wouldn’t know how much added benefit came from the Zoladex. Two years only meant the side effects were bearable. Do hope you can make the decision that’s right for you.

Thank you so much Zuko. I have a friend who was at the same hospital as me and today was diagnosed with secondary bone mets. Its put it all into perspective for me. I’m sticking with the Zoladex. Thanks Suco 26 years wow you give me hope. Xxxxx