Tamoxafen Post Menopause

Hi, just wondering if anyone is taking Tamoxafen after menopause? 

I was on Tamoxafen for coming up a year and then had my overies removed because I was now classed as post menopause I swapped from tamoxafen on to Anastrozole. Since taking this I’ve had a bad hip I was thinking just grin and bare it but it has been getting worse and worse. 4 and a bit weeks ago I had double Diep and the worst pain during recovery has actually been my hip because of the way I’ve been having to lie on my back in bed etc.

Anyway I saw my oncologist a few days ago and she said that she doesn’t line prescribing AI’s to young people because it makes muscles and joints ache and hinders day to day life and makes you age quickly. She persuaded me to go back on Tamoxafen but now I’m panicking that statistically my chances of reoccurrence May now be worse???

The hip pain is terrible I am looking forward to it going and being able to perhaps join a gym and shift some of the weigh I’ve gained since diagnosed and treatment.   

Hi WolfEE

I’m sorry to hear that you are suffering bad hip pain. I have been on Tamoxifen for 2 years and have recently been tested and found to be menopausal now - I’m 51. My consultant is talking about changing me to an AI as it seems to be the “usual” thing to do once menopausal, but I’m nervous about changing as I have so far tolerated Tamoxifen ok. I understand the statistics show a slight reduction in recurrence for those on AIs but I don’t think it can be very large as my consultant has not said that I will definitely change. There are lots of things to consider, including quality of life, and also I believe Tamoxifen helps bone density. It’s a tough decision. Happy to chat more if I can help. I wish you all the best as you recover from your op and get back to the gym.

Evie xx

Hi. Just to let you know that I was 59 when diagnosed. As already post menopausal the hormone treatment recommended for me was Anastrazole. I couldn’t tolerate it. Managed 10 months as determined to take it. I was so bad, BCN advised me to stop for 6weeks. Then started on… Tamoxifen.
The Predict scoring cannot differentiate between endocrine treatments, but I understand it’s a really small % difference in risk. Nothing’s guaranteed anyway. I’m happy I changed to the “old” drug
Good Luck