Tamoxien and frequent weeing


Ive been taking Tamoxifen since October of last year and have found that i’m waking up in the night,sometimes twice a night,to go to the loo.Also i seem to go alot in the daytime too even though I try not to drink much in the evening and don’t drink a lot in the day.I saw my GP today and he has requested blood tests for blood sugars and calicum.

Was just wondering if anyone else have had this problem.


I was on Tamoxifen from Sep 03-Sep 05 and your post jogged memories with me. I had never been someone who had to get up in the night for a wee and I went through a phase during Tamoxifen of regularly having to get up once or often twice in the night even though I used to try and have my last drink a while before I went to bed it didn’t alter it. I never actually connected it at the time with tamoxifen but it stopped happening after a while but not sure when or whether it was during or after tamoxifen but I bet it was connected!

are you suffering with hot flushes and drinking more? Could be the reason for waking at night and going to the toilet? Emily x

Hi Sally

I had more frequent weeing during the first probably about 9mths on Tamoxifen - it has certainly stopped now. I’ve been on it since Oct 08 and the side effects in general are much less severe now (perhaps partly because I am on a brand that suits me, and I’m further away from my chemo).

I have also found that doing some (gentle) exerices to strengthen my abdominal muscles and pelvic floor exercises to have helped.

Good luck


Thanks all for your comments… im convinced its because of the Tamoxifen that im peeing so much…

wishing you all well

Sally xxx

Hi there

Just wanted to let you know you are not alone! I noticed this side effect very soon after I started Tamoxifen nearly 3 years ago, and it’s still going on - I think I could count the number of undisturbed nights I’ve had since on the fingers of one hand! Fortunately I seem to have perfected the art of getting up, going to the toilet and getting back to bed (and sleep) almost without noticing…:wink: I did mention this to my oncologist when I saw him last year (having panicked myself into thinking I was diabetic). He didn’t seem that surprised. Have to say I am looking forward to reaching my 5 years and getting a full night’s sleep though!



I’ve been on Tamoxifen for about 4 months now and seem to need the loo constantly! I would compare my frequent weeing on Tamoxifen to being pregnant!


Hi All - Oh am so glad I’m not alone - have been on Tamoxifen since beg January & weeing all the time. Got stuck yest am on M25 on way for rads treatment at Mount Vernon (am drinking more water as advised but still seems excessive amount of peeing going on) & needed to go badly (don’t seem to be able to hold it like I use to despite doing pelvic floor exercises) - OMG! Threw myself at mercy of nice lady in Rickmansworth station who allowed me on platform to use loo! As if the snow wasn’t stressing me out enough…
But never thought there could be a connection with Tamoxifen - does seem weird…

Hi All its so nice to know im not alone, ive had blood tests for various things but all came bck fine.

Ive got a cyst on my ovaries so im gonna see if thats why im weeing loads…

Patience. . im now like you mentioned just get up go and get back in bed… some mornings im not totally sure if i went in the night anymore

thanks everyone

hope your all ok
Love Sally xx

It’s so good to read this post! I am also a frequent night time pee-er! I thought it could be linked to the Tamoxifen but wasn’s sure. I only have a couple of months of Tamoxifen left so it will be interesting to see if it makes a difference when I stop. I have also mastered the knack of going to the bathroom and back without really noticing!

I’ve been on Tamoxifen just over 2 years. Prior to taking it I used to worry I was dehydrated because I hardly ever needed to pee - a couple of times a day maybe. Since taking Tamoxifen I need to go every 3 hours or so - more in this cold weather. I’m sure the cause is Tamoxifen.


Hi Jo Just read this thread and I also have to run to wee regularily and am on Tam. did not assosiate it with being on Tam. but since a few of us are finding the same thing maybe it is the cause. Thanks for that. Joyce. xx

hi everyone

Im soooooooo glad im not alone when im up in the night peeing,its a great comfort to know that im not alone, maybe we should start our own club and meet on the landing LOL

love to all Sally x

Hi everyone,

Just dropped in to say i know how you all feel,have been on Tamoxifen for 3 years in August. Constantly need to wee. I can barely get round the park with the dogs without being desperate by the time i get home. Have even tried limiting my fluids, which doesn’t really help.
I thought it was age related or the menopause or something never put it down to tamoxifen. This site is invaluale for its info and support.

Take care and love to all
Carolyn x