Tamoxifen 10mg dose ok?

i have been on tamoxifen on and off (2 x 7 day break) since 1st Feb. Really struggling my gp has suggested breaking tablet in half and having half in morning, half at night or if I still struggle 10mg each day or 1 x 20mg every other day.


anyone else been given this option? My other gp told me it was an all or nothing option.  My lady GP is saying something is better than nothing and it maybe 20mg is just too much for me.



Think you would be better getting advice re dosage from Oncologist/surgeon not sure G.P knows enough about the meds.Mine told me hair thinning wasn’t a side effect of Tamoxifen even though it’s says it is a potential side effect on the leaflet in the box !!What symptoms are you struggling with I found side effects settled down a bit after 2 or 3 months .

Bondgirl, I agree with Jill, your oncologist is far better placed to advise you on this than your GP.


I was told I could take my 20mg split over two doses a day - my first prescription gave me 2 x 10mg tablets anyway. I’ve not had to do this though as have not had any real problems yet - I am just about one month into taking it. Any issues I have, like hot flushes (not really so bad) had started while I was having chemo but Tamoxifen does not seem to have intensified these (yet anyway).


Have you tried different brands or stuck to the same one since February? Some people seem to get on better with one brand over the others. I’m on Wockhardt and a few people I’ve been in touch with on it say it’s not caused them many difficulties. It might be a case of trial and error. Why not have a word with your pharmacist about the different brands available?


Good luck with it.




Thanks girls for your advice, , as I feel OK on 10mg I think I will take the other half at night time like you Peggycat maybe that is best till I see oncologist end of May.