Tamoxifen 10mg

Hi Ladies

I was on tamoxifen 20mg but due to side effects I have now been put on 10mg. It’s not the norm so wanted to know if anyone else has been put on a lower dose?

Also has anyone else experienced dizzy spells on tamoxifen?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Foxy x

Bumping this up for you Foxy. I’m on 20mg and been taking it for just over two months. I haven’t experienced dizziness, only felt a bit nauseous at the start and my sleep pattern has gone wonky.

Pauline x

foxy loxy

i am on 20mg but i have heard of people having 10mg twice a day at morning at night but just not 10mg only once a day.

lightheadedness is listed as a side effect so that could make you feel dizzy… with other meds which can make people feel dizzy its often able to be given in divided doses or taken at night.