Tamoxifen 2024 Brands

So, I’m a week into taking Tamoxifen and this is all very new to me. I received a box of Tillomed brand tablets from my local Boots and all has been ok until today when I have felt light headed, shivery and well, not quite right. I’m guessing it might be the tablets but I’ll give it time to see.

I’m trying to work out the alternative brands that are currently realistically available for me to try. Which (non-GP specified) brands are people currently receiving in the UK please? My local pharmacy has one box of Relon Chem remaining but has now switched supplies to Crescent. I’m guessing most Boots stores are dispensing Tillomed? Has anybody collected any Tamoxifen from Superdrug lately?
Many thanks x

I tried Superdrug and they have Tillomed too I’m afraid

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Hi. I started Tamoxofen in December and the Mylan brand suits me and I have no side effects :raised_hands:I did hear about relon chem and heard that was good too but unable to obtain it myself. It maybe worth calling a few pharmacies. All the best x

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