Tamoxifen Anastrazole etc.

I am trying to make treatment decisions can any of you share your experience who are ER+? My question is:
Did you take the 5/10 year tablet?
Im not finding many posts about if secondary came on the tablet or stopping was decision that was regretted or not regretted.


I need to make my decision by tomorrow. NHS predict is saying its guarunteed ill have spreading even on the tablet


Thank you


I was diagnosed with my primary in 1999. I took tamoxifen for 5 years and then Letrezole for 5 years I was ER positive.

my secondary cancer to bones came in 2014 and have been stable on Exemestane. I’m glad I decided to retake the hormone tablets for ten years.

Hope this helps your decision



Hi…I hope my answer will help you but with many of the questions we need answers too nobody can tell us as they don’t know. (Even though I still continue to ask…). 


I had primary in 2000. Was prescribed tamoxifen for 5 years but (after discussing with my ONC) stopped after 2 as wanted to try for family. That didn’t happen but I didn’t start back on it again. I was diagnosed with local recurrence (DCIS) in 2008 and 2009 then secondaries in 2013. 


I dont regret the the decision I made as I made it for the right reason. 


The only advice I can offer is to go with your gut feeling and that I have taken both tamoxifen and then anastrazole for three years when first diagnosed with secondaries and tolerated them both well with just hot sweats as side effects.


I so hope I am saying the right thing here and haven’t confused you even more.





I had primary in 2009 and was told I would take tamoxifen for 5 years. 2 1/2years in a breast surgeon told me that I would be changing to exemestane. I hadn’t been told that this would happen so I queried it and asked what the side effects were. I was told joint pain could be a problem. My oncologist said it would make little difference if i stayed on tamoxifen so I did. About a year after stopping tamoxifen I was diagnosed with sbc in my bones. I hadn’t had any symptoms that concerned me, it was picked up during an investigation for something unrelated. I was put on exemestane.


I had few side effects on tamoxifen but have had more joint pain, particularly foot pain with exemestane. I have now been on exemestane for 3 years. 3 years is quite good going. It won’t work forever.


This doesn’t answer your question, just how it worked for me. I wonder what would have happened if I had stayed on tamoxifen for longer or had switched to exemestane. I’ll never know. Everyone is different though.


Hugs Bon