Tamoxifen and Back Ache

I completed my treatment last October after 6 chemo sessions and 3 weeks of daily rads. I had grade 2 bc and 1 lymph node involved, they took all the lymph nodes out. I am on tamoxifen and wondered ( rather hoping) that my chronic lower back ache is side effects, i.e. osteoporosis. I am having a bone scan on Thursday . I have also had tingling that goes from one side to the other. I have seen my GP and told him that my symptoms seen to be more in the tissue than the bone, I also get IBS so it could be that?

On my scan last year I had a large fibroid, my GP said it could not be that as I am on tamoxifen. I wondered if these fibroids do go away without oeastrogen feeding them or could this be the cause of the back pain. Any suggestions? I am going out of my head with all the what if’s !

Hi Marvin

Just wanted to say that I had grade 2 with 1 lymph node positive and am on tamoxifen like you, with the only difference being that I’m on herceptin for a year too.
I absolutely hate not trusting my body and worrying about every ache and pain though it seems virtually impossible to not let the worst cross your mind.
I currently have aches in my left hip and have had a bad night’s sleep with it so I’v got up to try an take my mind off it. I suppose I’ll mention it to my onc when I see him in a few weeks time…if it persists of course.(mind you it’s been feeling dodgy for a few weeks on an off…see I’m still hoping that it wears off without me noticing!)
I hope all goes well on thursday and that the wait for results isn’t too long!
Big hugs

Thanks Mo. I just didnt know who to talk to. The BC nurse cant seem to give me an answer and the GP seems to want to pass me onto the consulatant, everything seems long winded. I have to be grateful to the BC nurse for making my referrel and ensuring everything will be checked out. I fee maybe it is arthritis brought on by the tamoxifen. Anyway,its a week to wait and I am trying to put my mind at rest. I think we need more support to help us through all the emotional bits of this condition. I cant go on the rest of my life worried about the worst, I want to move on. I didnt go on herceptin as my lump was oestrogen positive so responded to tamoxifen. I wanted to ask anyone if their breast was still swollen after surgery, after 6 months? Mine was okay then went sore again, the BC nurse said the radiotherapy makes it swollen and lumpy but I am worried the c has come back as it feels just like it did last year when I was first diagnosed. I am seeing the GP tomorrow. I am not a hypo chondriac , just want to get everything checked so I can move on.Oh what a moan I am!

Hi Marvin
I had grade 2 with 3 nodes involved then 6 FEC and 3 weeks rads- a bit like you. I finished treatment Aug 07 and am on Tamoxifen. I have had a dexa scan and it showed osteopaenia in my hips and spine.
Like you I have had fairly constant lower back ache and my coccyx is often sore. I don’t have pain during the night. I read a letter in Amoena magazine (Issue 26 Autumn/winter 2008) from a lady who had been told that the Tamoxifen may loosen the tissues which hold the coccyx in place, a bit like in pregnancy. You can read the letter on the Amoena website.
i have to say that I did mention this to my GP but he didn’t seem concerned. I am trying to gather up the courage to follow up as I have felt like this for quite some time. Hopefully it is just wear and tear!!!
I hope you will be okay- hang in there!

Hey Cate

I’m going to have a read of that article as I was trying to explain to my Onc the other day that my hips had that pregnant feeling, she did say it was more than likely tamoxifen but put it down to probably now pre menapausal (at age 40).


Hi Debsy
If you have any problem finding that article let me know and I will try to find it for you.
Can you tell me how to create a new thread? I can’t find the info I need. Maybe someone from BCC who reads this could let me know.
Love the socks!!
Love Cate

Dear Marvin, If you read up on the side effects, tamoxifen can increase fibroids despite what your doctor said. Your back ache could be to do with your large fibroid pressing on something.
Best wishes