Tamoxifen and blood clots

Has anyone suffered blood clots when taking Tamoxifen. Its my biggest fear and i’ve just taken my first one.

Linda xx

I have been on tamoxifen for nearly two years now, and so far, so good.

However, it is just common sense to keep moving, so I walk for two miles every day. Doesn’t do anything for the weight, but at least by keeping mobile, I am doing all I can to avoid a blood clot.

Hope this helps.


Hi Linda,

Welcome to the forums. BCC produce a fact sheet about Tamoxifen. If you follow the link below you can either download a copy or order one on line. Hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Sam, Moderator

crikey if i gert any bigger i’ll explode so i hope i dont get the aadded weight side effect lol

Hi Linda, I think the risk is really small but if you go on any longhaul flights wear those sexy support stockings they give you for surgery!!! I used it as an excuse to get lots of legroom when we went to Florida - Virgin gave us the bulkhead seats there and back - not many perks from breast cancer but might as well get the ones you can!!

Take care

Sarah x x x