Tamoxifen and bruised legs - anyone?

Hi All,

I have been on tomaxifen since sept 08 and was trying a pair of jeans i brought from the next sales. Anyway when i took them off my daughter was in a state about the back of my legs. Not initally sure what she was panicing about but when i looked at the backs of my legs in the mirror i too was shocked. My legs look bruised and very red towards the carves and just under the butt cheeks. They don’t hurt but it looks as if the blood has come to the surface and quite blotchy. They are about 7 to 10 inches patches on both legs on both carves and just under butt. Has anyone experienced this and could it be with tomaxifen?


Hi Sukes,

While you are waiting for others to reply to your question, it might be a good idea to either phone your local out of hours GP or ring NHS Direct and have a chat with one of the staff there who may be able to help you with this one. The telephone number for NHS Direct is 0845 4647, I have also put the web link below for you. Hope this helps.


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I bruise easily on the tamoxifen, have bruises on my thighs where I gently knock the bedstead and every time I have bloods my bruises are awful as it always takes a few attempts due to collapsed veins.

really think it is the tam as I have have never been like this before, so far have done 2.5 years so at least counting down now.

Debbie X

I definately think its tamoxifen,i often look like i have been playing footy or some contact sport with the amount of bruises on my legs.
I did note that on the sheet you get with the tamoxifen it says ‘may reduce platlets’, I had a repeat blood test for marginally low platlets but the repeat test was ok, i think.
Always worth having something checked out though if your worried.

Hi there, ive only been on tamoxifen a couple of months and I too had a really large bruise develope in my groin (I also have several smaller ones on my inside thigh). I was worried about this and mentioned it to my oncologist on my first monthly check up to see how I was on the tamoxifen. She looked a bit baffled and just said ‘Oh…thats strange’ and didnt ask to examine the area at all. I was a bit embarrassed so didnt mention it again and neither did she. The bruising actualy got alot worse (I also have little red ezcema type of patches develope all over my legs and now some on my arms…which I also mentioned to my oncologist) Im pretty sure that this must be connected to the tamoxifen as ive never had anything like this before. Im due to see my oncologist on the 5th Jan. Think im going to mention it again now I think it could possibly be linked. What I cant understand is why the oncologist just completely dismissed what I was telling her if there was a chance that it could be connected. Im a little worried. Does anybody have an idea what it could be? Thanks, Sandyb x

Hi all i mentioned it and showed it to the doc today and her theroy was i stand too close to a raidiatior but thing is it has never happened before. I’m going to keep away from rads now and see if it improves…I feel like such a plonk!

Thanks for your replies

No sukes you are not a plonker, and Sandy B your doctors should address your concerns and give satisfactory answers: it sounds to me as though she might have been thinking, oh there they go once they start on a drug they’ll blame it for their ingrowing toenails - at least, we don’t know what she was thinking because she didn’t tell you, and she should have: if the answer is that it is unlikely to be an effect of tamoxifen she should say so: and clearly, based on the experience of the other ladies who have replied, it sounds an entirely reasonable concern which might actually be an effect of tamoxifen, and if people don’t report these things because they feel silly then our knowledge won’t advance, so it is important the doctors know and address it.

When I was on tamoxifen I got a red itchy eczema-like rash which faded, then another attack of it, and my skin was very very dry and itchy prickly.


Hi I just noticed a bruise on the back of my left leg yesterday (13.01.16). Immediately wondered if it was from Tamoxifen. Now I know. Have been taking 20mg daily since August 2015. Am not over weight and do not stand next to radiators (!) do not bruise easily. Will be telling the oncologist. Will let you know his response.

I am experiencing the red rash and bruising on my legs that was mentioned by snow white. My dermatologist gave me a topical prescription that keeps the itch away, but my legs look awful. Has anyone else experienced this and have you found anything that will take the rash away?

I am responding to a really old post however I have been on tamoxifen since January 2016. In the last six months I have noticed extreme bruising without any cause. I have not injured myself, have not bumped into anything and yet these massive bruises appear on my legs and hands. I mentioned it to my oncologist six months ago who doesn’t seem concerned but it has gotten worse.  I think I may stop it altogether