Tamoxifen and depression

I’ve been bothered  by depression for most of my life and been on antidepressants for several years.  I’ve been on tamoxifen for two years now and my depression and anxiety is almost unbearable.  I’m 61 so I’m long past menopause.  Wondering if anyone else has experienced this

Hello heyall,

I am on Anastrazole and not Tamoxifen and I do not have depression. However, I wanted to acknowledge your post and wish you well.

I am sorry you are going through such a difficult time. Depression is the pits. I had depression 6 years ago due to a chemical imbalance. The mental torture at the time was relentless.

There are other posts on this site where people have raised the issue of depression and hormone treatment so you are not alone. I hope someone who has more first hand knowledge, responds to your post.

Issues may also get clouded by depression due to, for example, a cancer diagnosis, going through treatment, or just stresses of life on top of everything else.

However, depletion of/blocking of access to oestrogen (as our lovely hormone treatment does) is one way to affect the balance of neurotransmitters and thus affect mood and may lead to depression and/or increased anxiety. I just think that all the things that are a possibility with menapause, are also a possibility with hormone treatment. Hence, it is possible that you could be feeling worse due to the Tamoxifen.

I do hope you are getting help and support, (whether medical, social, family, friends), to manage the depression. It may be best to discuss how you are feeling now with GP or other medical staff if you haven’t already. Maybe you can explore treatments/changes in treatments with them amongst other things.

Take care ? X

Hello again Heyall,
Check out the post by icklemissPink73 on the"Anyone decided not to take tamoxifen " thread today in this same section. Sounds like she had a really bad time with the Tamox too.
? X