Tamoxifen and early meanopause

Im going to have to take tamoxifen after all my treatment and heard you can go through an early menopause. Does it last the whole 5 years or does it vary in each person. Very worried about this as only 29. I also hear you cant conceive during those 5 years to. Has anyone been through this? Im worried about the effects it will have on my relationship with my partner especially with out sex lifes to.


Hi Emily

Tamoxifen can cause a temporary menopause or start your ‘real’ one off if you are near to starting anyway ie alot older than 29. I took Tamoxifen for 4 and a bit years, starting when I was 41. I was on Zoladex for 2 years which definitely put me into a temporary menopause but my periods came back when that stopped even though I was still on Tamoxifen. I would think at your age it’s very unlikely you’ll stop having periods but you may get some menopausal symptoms, again I wouldn’t think too bad (I certainly didn’t suffer when I was on it) but you don’t know until you start. As to the sex life, well that’s up to you! I did read an article a while back that said if you don’t use it you’ll lose it :wink:

Good luck and hope all goes well.


Hi Emily,

I,m 40 and started taking Tamoxifen in February this year. I started having Menopausal symptoms like hot flushes, no sex drive and no periods. The last 3 months my periods have returned exactly 28 days apart and my hot flushes have stopped. I dont want anymore kids but my Onc said that my Ovaries are probably working again after Chemo etc.
I think its dangerous to become pregnant while taking Tamoxifen but have a word with your Onc about it.
Best of luck to you.
Love Andrea xx

Hi Emily

I am on Tamoxifen and do not experience any pre menopausal symptoms.I have also been told not to conceive due to the fact that my tumour was ER positive and if I was pregnant obviously my body would flood with estrogen,which would feed any possible tumour return.My sex life,personally I would say has increased,so dont worry about this.Emily did they not discuss fertility with you?did you have chemo?I ask these questions Emily as I had another cancer (totally unrelated 8 years ago to the BC)I was diagnosed with a high grade triton sarcoma(very rare),I had a very quick 2 week IVF course,which resulted in one embryo(which is still viable)before my chemo and radiotherapy started,as it turned out, even after extensive chemo(7 drugs at the same time given over a complete 72 hours) every 3 weeks,I was still fertile,so you have every hope.Good Luckxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I completely understand how you feel. I’m only 27 and was diagnosed about 4 weeks ago. I am going to be taking Tamoxifen too. My oncologist said that I will need to take it for 5 years and I cant have kids while I’m on it. However he did say that if I do want kids while I’m on it there are ways around it. I think he mentioned something about taking a double dose for a while to make up for the time that I wont be on it.

Jess x

Thanks for your stories. Im starting chemo in 2 weeks. They just told me that my fertility should come back. I didnt like the fact that Id have to wait 5 years before I can have children but at least its an excuse to live life more before I do have kids! Im not looking forward to the early menopause and was worried about losing my sex drive because my partner has a very high one! Anyway Im more scared of chemo to be honest. Just hoping its not as bad as im thinking it will be!

Hi Emily,

Dont worry about the chemo, I think that when you are young and fairly fit you should tolerate it pretty well. I did and only felt rough for about 24 hrs after a session and then not too bad. My sex drive came back with my periods so dont worry about that. My Husband was very considerate when I didnt want sex that much so I,m sure your partner will understand. All the best with everything.
love Andrea xx

Thanks Andrea thats great to hear!