Tamoxifen and Epilepsy

Hi everyone,

Anyone else here on tamoxifen who also has epilepsy? I started taking tamoxifen in May last year and since then I’ve started to get an increase in seizures, so I’m starting to wonder if there might be a connection. I’ve had three seizures in as many months whereas prior to this I could go years without one as the medication did its job really well.

All a bit depressing really as I’d already had to hand my driving licence back after a major seizure brought on from a temp of 41 during chemo. Now it’ll be at least mid-2013 before I can even think of reapplying and I really miss the independence driving gave me because I live somewhere that is semi-rural.

I will be talking to my GP about but I thought I’d ask here if anyone shares this experience.


hi i have motor focal epilepsy ,i have been on tamoxifen for 2 years and have had no problems.hope you get sorted soon ,sorry i can not be of any help i know its a pain when i was first diagonised 13 years ago it took a couple of years to get the right medication and the right dose before it was controled .it is so frustraiting and upsetting with everythong else going on in our lives goodluck missmessy