Hi, I have been taking Tamoxifen since April and last few weeks hot flushes getting worse. Still on same brand (APS)and saw Onc today who said Evening Primrose Oil and Starflower Oil may help. Is there any ladies taking these and if so what strength. I presume it doesn’t affect the Tamoxifen and that they are Ok to take if Oestrogen positive.
Thanks for your help.

Hi Haughtaj
I am 2 years post surgery and on Tamoxifen and still suffering BIG time with the flashes… I went to my Dr’s last week as I have been suffering so much that they were taking over my life (or so it felt). I was also on Citalopram, a mild anti-depressant that a lot of women take). I don’t know if you are taking them and he advised me to stop taking them, I’m weaning myself of of them and it does appear to have made a noticeable difference. However I am still suffering and will be very interested in posts relating to your query.
Good health & big hugs


Ive been taken tamox for only 10 weeks and about 6 weeks in i had roughly 30 flushes per day, so much that i was sleeping on a towel.
My GP put me on 10mg of amytriptalyn (sorry if spelt wrong) that i take an hour before going to bed and i take my tamox with 500mg evening primrose oil first thing in the morning.
My flushes have reduced to about 5 per day so something is working, My bcn said that epo is fine to take.

Good luck if you try.


been on tamox (wockhardt)for two years and take 500mg evening primrose oil in the evening, don’t have any flushes at all,still waiting for them to kick in.My onc recommended EPO and said to be happy that I don’t have side effects,whereas I do worry if it is actually working ! Good luck.

I was told by my consultant that Starflower Oil is OK to take with Tamoxifen - doing my own research on the internet I have found that it can actually help with the absorption of the Tamoxifen into your system. I am 4 years post op and have been taking Tamoxifen since October 2008 - the hot flushes started almost immediately. I took Starflower Oil after my mum (going through the menopause) said Evening Primrose made her feel dizzy and was now on Starflowr Oil and to give that a try. After around two weeks of taking the capsules, one a day in the morning, the hot flushes ceased to exist and I have not had any since - a miracle !

Hello Ladies

I went through early menopause (42) and have tried quite a few different therapies from the begining. I didn’t want to use HRT.

I started using Starflower oil 1000mg (1 a day) about 4 years ago and have never looked back. For me personally they are great. I was having really bad night flushes and a couple every hour during the day before I started on them. I now might get a couple a day and dont have any at all at night time.

I also asked my ONC if I could continue taking them throughout my treatment WLE & SNB Followed by(4FEC &4TAX)and 15 rads that finished 30 Nov last year.
I think different things work for different people. I tried evening primrose but it didnt help at all

Hope this helps. Good luck with whatever you choose.

Maj x

ps i am on Letrozole

My cancer was triple negative, i take evening primrose oil but my hot flushes and night sweats are AWFUL and getting worse, its really getting me down, has anyone got ideas on what i can take, i think black cosha and red clover are out the question.

thankyou so much

Donna xx

my onc told me not to use black cohosh.

Hi ladies,

I spoke with a dr at the hospital today and asked about red clover and black cohosh he said cause I have ER+ HER2+ cancer that I should steer clear of those two, it was also suggested that sage tea could help with the hot flushes and fig leaf tea (they don’t sell it anywhere you have to get the leaves and make the tea from fresh) this dr at the hospital seemed to think that sage was ok to use and that it did’nt interfere with tamoxifen or add to the estrogen, anybody hear anything else about using these two please post and inform us. Many thanks.

Hope this helps
love and light
sarahlousie xx

thanks ladies hot sweats are getting to me am on eve primrose oil but to no affect will go and get some starflower oil caps and give them a go will try anything maybe then i will get a good night sleep!!!

I am taking Tamoxifen and Starflower Oil and have not experienced any bad flushes except when I had to stop taking both a month before an operation. Then all of a sudden I was hot and sweaty all the time despite the weather being -6 degrees!
Back on the tablets now and things are subsiding again so I believe wholeheartedly that they work even though my doctor couldn’t/wouldn’t vouch for any alternative medicines!