tamoxifen and extreme itching



I was wondering if anyone had a similr experiance and what you found helped.  


I started Tamoxifen ( Wockhardt brand) last October then in Dec started with the most painfull and extreme itching around my vulva. So bad I had to get the bus one errand instead of walking  as its was simply too painful . I’ve tried everything in Boots for dryness/ itching ‘down there’ to no avail , so went to see GP, who gave me hydrocortizone for a week or so ( lessend it slightly for a day or so then back to usual  ) and also  very cautiously gave me a tube of Estirol oestragen  cream.  This too hasnt worked , and I’m at my wits end, sometimes (as last night) waking up in the night so itchy and painful that only thing to do is get up in the wee small hours and have a barely lukewarm bath, whilst i scour the internet looking for reccomendations. ( one was neem cream - I got some and found out in the most uncomforatble way it had eucalyptus oil in ! ) bathing in cold baths at 3 am isn’t  something you want to be doing on a regular basis especially when its subzero outside . I haven’t  been able to be intimate with my husband  for some time  as its just too painful, and the whole itchiness and impact is really starting to pee me off. This last week I’ve aslo started to get itchy rash on arms and chest- not sure if its related or not . I’m due back at GP in a couple of weeks ( non urgent appointments are like hens teeth and with lengthy waits ), as they were contcating my oncolgist for advice . Its worse leading up to my ‘period’ ( just a light show since tamoxifen) . 


any advice whatsoever that can help make it stop, or even alleviate the symptons  most appreciated . 

Hi Badgers

Sorry that you havent recieved a response yet.  There are quite a few conversations about Tamoxifen and side effects inclucing severe itching.  You may find this one particularly helpful  Side effects tamoxifen- itching.

Please do join in the conversation and ask your questions, everyone is very friendly and welcoming.

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Hi Badgers,


Really sorry to hear about the itching. I’m not sure if this is of any help since I’ve only had bad itching on my legs and feet which clearly is a very different area of skin. My GP prescribed Epimax cream (which is a type of emollient and helps prevent skin drying out) for use twice a day. You can also shower which it etc.


Info on emollients:


The Epimax cream I was prescribed (no idea if this is a reliable website but it shows the right container) 



When I have a flare up I also use Mometasone ontiment twice a day for 2 weeks - which then has to be stopped since it is such a strong steriod cream which if used over a long period of time thins the skin.  


I believe Lanacane can be used externally in your intimate area to help relieve itching but only for a short period of time - the attached link from Boots includes some detail about what it can be used for:



Have you also cut out all fragranced soaps etc? Plus worth checking your clothes washing powder does not contain any enzymes etc (the biological ones do) and give clothes an extra rinse or two.


I would strongly suggest you see your GP again to find an appropriate solution for your skin type. Alternatively you could ask a qualified pharmacist in a chemists about the options. 


I hope it improves soon or you find an appropriate cream to manage it. Itching is so irritating, let alone in that location.


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