Tamoxifen and flying

When I started Tamoxifen about 3 months ago, I was given a leaflet by the Consultant regarding side effects etc. It said that when going on a flight, your Consultant may recommend you take Aspirin beforehand because of the higher risk of thrombosis. I phoned up my BC nurse and she said that they do not generally advise people to take Aspirin but just to wear flight socks, do exercises, walk about the plane and drink plenty of fluids. The flight we are going on is about 6 hours. I would value other people’s experiences on this.


Hi Sandra

I have flown long haul a few times since starting tamoxifen and my GP advised low dose aspirin (75mg) five days before flight and 3 days after, I also wear flight socks and do the usual - drink loads which makes you get up and go to the loo!!!

Probably best to check with GP first as we are all different and have different medical histories.

Have a great holiday - we’re off to Vegas in 4 weeks which will be exactly 12 weeks after my DIEP and that’s a 10 hours flight.

Take Care


PS are you a med secretary? me too!


Thanks for your advice. I will probably ask my GP then. Yes, I have been a medical secretary for 16 years, currently working for a Consultant Cardiologist in our local hospital in Ilford.

We are off to Eilat on 21st January which is about 5 to 6 hour flight. Obviously want to do what the doctor advises.

Hope you have a great holiday in Vegas.

Wishing you all the best.


Hi Sandra

I was Sec to two A&E Consultants but have just changed job - now working as a lowly receptionist at the PCT HQ part time, I had enough of hospitals after all the treatment and this job came up and was banded as a 4 so went for it and got it!!! A little different than secretarial work but no pressure or hassle - just what I needed, now taking work life at a slower pace although social life is still hectic!!!

Have a great holiday in Eilat


I had a 3 week holiday in the USA this September and visited my GP prior to the flight ~ have mild lymphedema in my right leg and planned to wear medical support hose. I did take an aspirin the day of the flight, drank lots of water and walked up and down! I would ask your GP. Anyway everything was fine and I had a FAB time to boot! enjoy your holiday Sandra.

Thanks for these posts. I have not had the confidence to fly only to Ireland took 25 mins oh and norwich from Liverpool took half an hour but anything longer no.
as i am over 2 yrs Dx and 18months since chemo finished and on tamoxifen i am thinking i should definately start to be more adventurous. However i am terrified of DVT as its a side affect with tamoxifen and my weight is awful.

who have you been insured with? I want to go to america in Sept or even May.

Dear Liverbird,

I’ve kept with our usual travel insurance which covers us for yearly travel insurance through our platinum card on our bank account. I did inform them that I had BC and they have just made a clause to say anything associated would not be covered.
I think this should be adequate as my operations and radiotherapy are finished and I am now just going to have routine check-ups.


I flew to California just before christmas
I took aspirin before i flew on advice from breast nurse
I wore a lymphodema sleeve on my left arm and also flight socks
Kept moving constantly and drank lots of water
Was too nervous to fall asleep which meant was quite exhausted at end of flight but got over that quickly


I flew to Australia - 23 hours flying each way- just before Xmas and 5 days after I finished rads. I had the blessing of both my onc and my surgeon. I asked whether I should take any precautions and my surgeon said to take one aspirin 2 hours before flight and wear flight socks. I had no problem.

For reference I finished chemo on 31 Aug, had WLE/axiliary clearance 3rd Oct and rads from 8 Nov to 10 Dec and now on Arimidex daily and Herceptin. Oh, forgot, had my second herceptin 2 days before my outbound flight

Sharon x

Hi Sandra

I flew to Vancouver (10 hour flight) just after Christmas and returned last Thursday. I didn’t take aspirin as it can upset my stomach but I did drink plenty of fluids, keep walking up and down the plane and kept doing foot and leg exercises whilst sitting. I meant to wear flight socks but in the rush of Christmas and packing for us (a family of 4) I forgot to take them. I too am on tamoxifen. My holiday was also active (skiing) so this possibly helps as well. I think I read somewhere to go for a decent walk on arrival to help with dvt.
Anyway have a great time, I’m sure you will - I’m off to continue with that lovely job of the mountain of washing and ironing that comes after the hol!!

Take care

Thanks for all your responses. My 6 hour flight seems quite short now compared with your flights to Vancouver and Australia! I will take Aspirin before the flight, wear my flight stockings, drink plenty, walk up and down the plane (probably will need to trot to the loo with all that drinking) and do my exercises.

After the lumpectomy, WLE and radiotherapy, I am really looking forward to the break before returning to work at end of January.

Best wishes to all of you.



Hi to all the Medsecs posting on this subject!

I too am a Med Sec, to an Oncologist! This does have its advantages as I ask him all my questions and get his advice for free. On the down side I am dealing with lots of BC patients notes all the time and that can be depressing.

Anyway, on the travelling side, I have been on Tamoxifen for two years and have done several long haul flights and am off to India in two weeks. I always get 2 doses of Klexane from the GP. They normally give me the first shot within 24 hours of leaving and I take the other one with me and give it to myself on departure day. No problems, just a tiny little injection in my wobbly fat roll! Also wear flight sox and drink water. No probs so far.

Good luck and happy travelling! Grace T