Tamoxifen and Glucosamine

After a year of Tamoxifen my joint stiffness is getting worse. Does anyone know if Glucosamine affects tamoxfine action, as I am tinking of taking it.

I have been taking both drugs for years and my GP knows and has not expressed disapproval so I assume it is okay. Tamoxifen does cause some people to have increased joint pain. No pain - no gain, eh!

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Hello there,
I`m coming up to my 2nd anniverisary of my DX and over a year on first Femara then Tamoxifen. I take a small cocktail of stuff when I get up,Glucosamine,cod liver oil,selenium,co-enzyme Q10 and a multi-vitamin. Somewhere I read that cancer patients survival rates are higher when taking the selenium & co-enzyme Q10,the glucosamine & cod liver oil keep my joint pains away and I think the vitamin tablet
keeps my appetite going(not a good thing always). I feel on top of the world and would say take all the above, good luck, love Mags xx

I asked my breast care nurse if it was okay to take glucosamine as my physio had recommended it. She said that anecdotally she had heard from other patients that it was effective in helping with joint pain and it was fine.
If you’re not sure give your BCN a ring.

bw, Elinda