Tamoxifen and gynecological problems

Hi, I started taking tamoxifen in September 2016 and at first just had the odd hot flushes and nothing else but now I’m suffering with terrible period pain , cramps and lots of pressure down below sometimes it’s so tender I can’t sit down, my boobs are also getting sore around the time I would be due a period.
I had a womb ablation over 10 years ago because I had endometriosis so I don’t bleed anymore and everything had settled nicely.
This has only just started since late December the first time it tailed off and I just had a slight bloated feeling this time it’s stayed. I was advised that tamoxifen can give gyne problems and I 've been to my gp and had a swab taken in case of infection and she’s sending me for an emergency scan.I’ve got stronger pain killers and a stomach protector tablet.
I just wondered if anyone else had a similar experience and could give me some advice
Thank you love Clair xx

Hello Clair, sorry I don’t know anything about this,  but did want to send you gentle squishy hugs & hope you’re in bed and cosy.:cathappy:xxx

Thank you Rubycat
I’ve been snuggled up on the sofa all day, the tablets have kicked in so feeling a bit better xxxx


I don’t know if this is relevant, but my oncologist put me on letrozole instead of tamoxifen because I had large fybroids. Maybe they will switch your hormone treatment.

Sending a hug x

Thank you for the hug Sue, hopefully I’ll get it sorted soon xx

I can’t believe I’m back in the same gyne situation again nearly a year on!!
I’m suffering with terrible tummy pain and have been booked in for another ultra sound scan on the 22nd Feb to see what’s going on. I’m really fed up at the moment everyone else seems to be moving on and getting better where as I seem to stumble from one problem to another ? Sorry rant over just needed to get it out there to you lovely people who get it
Lv Clair x

Any advice or anyone else had the same happen to them ? X

Sent you a private message

I had my scan today ?The radiographer saw what she thought was a cyst that’s bleeding inside itself. ?? Then she did an internal scan as well and said she thinks it’ll be nothing but wants me to go back to gyne to get checked because of my history etc I’ve got to go back for another scan in 6 weeks to see what’s what . I’m ok just got to be really, no point in getting upset until I know more . If my gyne appointment comes through really quickly I’ll worry !!

Hi Cla46 …Im 41 and have been on Tamoxifen for 3 years now …only another 7 to go ?. Im having similar symptoms …awfull discharge and thrush…pressure pains in womb area…horrendous back pain for one week before period and itching down there . Just had the lightest 2 day period ever. The flushes are getting worse but apparantly I can have some acupuncture for this and the facial hair Im sprouting is ridiculous. Hope u get sorted …going to take a trip to docs next week and see whats going on as the pains are getting worse. Just a little note to let you know your not alone in this …Lisa X

Teva seems generally to get the best reviews in terms of side effects - I got the pharmacist to order me Teva each time - some chemists are more obliging than others .Hope you get some relief soon . Have you asked for a gynae referral ?

Hi F
Sorry to hear your going through this too
Teva was definitely the better brand for me and I asked my dr to specifically put Teva on my prescription and my pharmacist was really helpful too.
If I was you I’d see your dr asap about a gyne referral, it might take a while so start a pain diary see if there is a time of the month when it’s worse or any patterns sadly tamoxifen can create cysts and thickening of the womb do best to get checked and go from there.
I was also prescribed naproxen for the pain and it does help. I also use a hot water bottle when it’s really bad.
Hope you get some relief soon lots of love Clair xxx

Hi Lisa
Thanks for your reply sometimes I feel like I’m on my own with this. I’d also recommend seeing your dr and get a gyne referral just to get checked out. Xxxx
Only 2 more weeks to wait for my follow up appointment seems like I’ve been waiting for ever !

I’m fine on it no constipation I do have to take omeprazole daily to protect my tummy as well so that probably helps xx

I’m so glad your feeling better and that you’ve got your cream now ?
Good luck with the radiotherapy just remember to cream cream and cream again love Clair xxx

Just an update I had my gyne appointment today and it went really well he says the cyst is smaller and I shouldn’t worry about it there’s no sign of cancer ? he explained why I get the pain it’s all blood vessels and stuff very complicated but I did get it. I want to go back on the tamoxifen (I’m being checked by the breast consultant because I found a dip above my scar ) do what were the chances of a hysterectomy? He said they’d rather not do it but will support me going back on the tamoxifen he wants a group meeting with the breast team and will keep a very close eye on me from now on ? if things get bad again then we’ll all get together and talk about the hysterectomy. I’m back in for a scan and appointment in August and we’ll go from there so I’m happy for now . Xxxxxxxx