Tamoxifen and hair loss

Tamoxifen and hair loss

Tamoxifen and hair loss Dear All
I’ve been following people’s problems with Tamoxifen with interest.

I’ve been taking it since May 2004 and have had all the usual side-effects but seem to have escaped weight gain. However I’m now very aware of how thin my hair is. While on holiday I caught sight of the back of my head in the hotel bathroom mirrors and there was a pink patch! I’ve also had to wear a cap when outdoors during this lovely weather as I could feel my scalp burning.

Immediately after finishing chemo my hair started to grow back as normal but now it’s fine and no longer has its curl.

Has anyone else experienced this? I use “thickening” shampoo and mousse to try and style it a little. Will it regrow normally once I finish taking Tamoxifen?

I’d appreciate some advice.

Best wishes


Yes! Hi Gilly,

YES! My hair is terribly thin right now. And there was a thread the other day on hair problems caused by Tamoxifen - in Chit Chat and Fun, I think? Called Dry Hair or something like that.

There were some suggestions for what to do. It’s my understanding that it should reverse once you come off the drug, but I don’t know for sure yet, as I only came off a couple of weeks ago.

It might also depend on your age - I think hair thinning is associated with menopause and that is why it can happen on Tamoxifen. Perhaps others know more …

Best wishes
susie xx

Hi gilly I was fortunate enough to escape chemo, but while taking Tamoxifen apart from all the other side effects my hair was falling out. When I washed it there was loads in the bath after, when brushing it came out as well. I was miserable enough with the other side effects and that was the last straw, after 12 months I stopped taking it and switched to Arimidex but I was no better on that as my skin then became very dry and I felt about 80 with all the aches and pains.

When I saw my consultant I explained how I felt and was told that as I was only getting a small benefit I could stop taking it altogether, so I haven’t been taking anything for about 2 months now and everything is starting to return to normal (whatever that is).

Well done to you for putting up with it for 3 years, your over half way there now.

Best wishes.