Tamoxifen and Headaches

Hi, been on Tamoxifen since March and for the past few days have had a more or less constant headache. Haven’t changed brands so can’t be that. Will give it a few more days before I speak to BCN however just wondered if anyone else has experienced this and if it is a common side-effect - there are so many. It is not so bad that I need painkillers but is unpleasant non the less.
Many Thanks Ladies

Bumping to see if anyone has any advice re. this.

I started on Tamoxifen in March of last year and by the end of October beginning of November 2010 I was getting bad, constant headaches and nausea. I’m afraid I was also starting to feel panicky and really anxious too - a very unpleasant feeling I must say. The doctor told me that Tamoxifen builds up in the body over time and in my case, I had become intolerant. As soon as I stopped taking it the headaches and nausea stopped virtually immediately.

I realise that this isn’t very helpful so I would suggest that if the headaches continue or other side effects become more noticeable then do seek advice from the doctor. It would seem that Tamoxifen has a lot of side effects which aren’t listed or accepted but you know what is normal for your body. If you don’t feel right then get it checked out.

Good luck.
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Hi haughtaj

As well as the advice and information you receive from your fellow forum members you may also find it useful to read the BCC publication on tamoxifen, it contains a section on side effects. If you would like to order a copy or read this on line just follow this link:-


I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator