Tamoxifen and heartburn?

Hi just wondered if anyone else has suffered with heartburn/ acid indigestion whilst on tamoxifen?
Is it a known side effect or completely unrelated or something I should be worried about? Have had it intermittently since I started taking it
Any help great fully received xx

hi hon

ive been on tamox for nearly 2 years and do have heartburn-but i also have ibs.

have you asked your dr about it?? i take omeprazole,and mebeverine for it.
hope this helps

Didn’t have a problem with Tamoxifen but have it badly with Letrozole. Gp gave me omeprazole which helps.

Hi there!

I’ve been on Tamoxifen and did have an acid stomach/heartburn feeling for a couple of months - which does now seem to be getting better. I asked my doctor about it and he said it wasn’t a known side effect. Don’t know if it was just some after effect of chemo/rads - although I finished these a few months before. It’s probably worth mentioning to your GP - though I shouldn’t think its anything to get too worried about.

Take care xx

Mine started before the tamoxifen, shortly after last chemo. Got better then flared up really badly on tamoxifen. I’ve tried various drugs - lansoprazole, omeprazole, nexium and I’m now on pantoprazole which works better for me. I also have to use domperidone if I get a flare up.

I did find some research that suggests that yes both tamoxifen and aromotase inhibitors appear to cause higher incidences of acid reflux/heartburn. I don’t think the doctors will necessarily think so though as, in my experience, they tend to skirt over side effects of these drugs as there aren’t other options at present.

I’d go to your GP and get a proton pump inhibitor (such as lansoprazole) as research has found these to be the most effective thing to treat this. Hopefully you’ll get some relief quite quickly from this.

take care, Elinda x

what time do you take your tamoxifen?
Have you tried different times of day, and with/without food etc;
Give each trial a few days to see if there is any improvement.

I’ve been on tamoxifen since July 2011, and I take it just before I go to bed, only because that’s the only time I remember my pills! But I’ve been getting slight nausea/ acid feeling too, only for the last 3 weeks or so, it’s never occurred to me that it could be the tamoxifen until I read your post…I’d put it down to the occasional ibuprofen i take for aches and pains.

I have found things marginally better if I take tamoxifen after breakfast. I have less hot flushes through the night and the acid seems minimally better too. Worth a try. Elinda x

hi ladies am at the moment taking lansoprazole in the morning also take tamoxifen in moring to.nothing seems to be working still have a horrid taste in my mouth any tips.all the oncoligst said was the chemo/rads coming out anybody else heard of this.will give it a bit longer then if still bad will go back to my gp.