Tamoxifen and heavy bleeding

I am looking for advice ladies. I have been on tamox since May 2015 all fine until June of this year. Since then i have had 3 very heavy bleeds (can’t leave the house it gets so bad) in June September and most recently November. My periods stopped when i started taking tamox. I got referred to gynae and have had a trans vaginal ultrasound. Awaiting results but think they have found something on left hand side of womb. Has anyone had a similar experience could do with some advice. Thank you

Hi dizzy, i cant advise, as im only 3 months in on tamoxofen, but i have had 3 heavy bleeds since taking it, im just recording dates at the moment, as they say to report abnormal bleeding, and im so new in with this drug i dont no whats normal, i kind of expected periods to stop, but then it could be to early for me, i am gonna discuss things with my ongoligist on my next appointment, good luck with your results and glad your being checked out.


Debbie x

Hi Dizzy

I’m not on tamoxifen, but did experience heavy bleeding while doing chemo. The ct scan did show up an issue, so had a MRI scan and it turned out to be a large fibroid. Hence they put me on letrozole instead.

Sue xx

Thank you for your comments girls. I rang BCC helpline and they told me to get any abnormal bleeding checked out just in case. My gynae consultant said the same thing alwaus get it checked out. He said I wasn’t to worry as even if it is cancer they have caught it early. Its just it takes me right back to waiting when i was first diagnosed for the results. Can’t help but feel a bit scared x

Thank you Lizzie have my appointment Monday 11th i have everything crossed. X

Hi ladies, I’ve been on tamoxifen on/off for the last three years. I have to admit I’ve struggled with it. Just recently I had a heavy period with clots the size of my hand and lots of fresh blood. I stopped taking tamoxifen one week ago and I have constant brown and pinkish discharge. I am absolutely panicking this is now cervical cancer. I’ve to go for a scan in one week. Has anyone else had similar problems. I’m so scared once again.

Hi ladies, I got severe pain last week then passed a heavy watery discharge. My periods have been all over the place and I think I’ve reported changes too late…the gynaecologist done an examination and took swabs. She said it’s not the tamoxifen that is doing this. So now I don’t know what she means. I’ve to go for scan tomorrow and I’m terrified.

Thanks everyone for your care and concern. I haven’t stopped bleeding in over a month. I’ve had intermittent bleeds in the last 18 months. Very light and pink. I put them down to being a light period!!! That’s my real concern. I’ve also got a swollen belly which I thought was down to gaining weight. And now this constant pink spotting and brown watery discharge. The prognosis is not great. But at least I will have more answers tomorrow.

What were your results DizzyDee

Ladies, after a very difficult and painful morning. The results are fibroids. I’ve quite a few. I’ve to go back in on Friday for biopsy results and to discuss my treatment plan. Fibroids for my Christmas is one of the best gifts ever… . My Health. Here’s to all your support and wishing you all the best health. Xxx

I respect doctors and I appreciate all they have done for us. The whole tamoxifen is a very grey area…it’s NOT a good drug… One day they will openly agree but as yet they are united in the tamoxifen front. The bitter pill causes so much damage. I’m taking a break from it and doing all my natural stuff and keeping a healthy diet. I totally agree with all you say. I’m gonna, get over this hurdle and review with both sets of consultants. Im so tired and relieved. Thanks again girls. The bleeding has been super scary and very painful.

Thank you so so much Helena. I really appreciated your support when I was super scared and down. I’m in absolute agony but it’s ok…as you rightly said this is the best Christmas pressie I can ask for.

Thanks for the tough pants, I wore them today. I’m anxious now without tamoxifen my comfort blanket. But will get in touch with my breast care team. Damn this illness.

Merry Christmas and thanks again for your kind words through my panic. Angela x

Following on from my previous posts, I’m due to go in Friday for my hysterectomy. Getting a little anxious now but just really hope it doesn’t get cancelled as I want it over with! X