Tamoxifen and insomnia

Hi lovely ladies 

does anyone else suffer from insomnia when taking Tamoxifen? I’m posting this at 3am and still haven’t slept despite taking a Nitol sleeping tablet. Letrozole made me ache all over so I switched to Anastrozole, which gave me insomnia and trigger finger in both hands. Swapped to Tamoxifen in the hope I’d at least be able to sleep and for a while things improved but now it seems like I’m back where I started. Of course it might be something else keeping me awake which is why I thought I’d ask.

Thank you 

Hi Sarnau - insomnia is miserable isn’t it. I’ve been on Tamoxifen about 3.5 years and it hasn’t caused insomnia - I have other triggers, but as it doesn’t happen every day and I had it before Tamoxifen I haven’t blamed Tamoxifen. Everyone is so different though, drugs affect people in different ways.

When do you take your drug? I wondered if it might be worth trying taking it in the morning in the hope that by evening most of the side effects had got out of your system? I take mine at night for that reason, hoping that I might sleep through any SEs.

I hope you find an answer and cure for your insomnia, lack of sleep is horrible. Sending hugs - and hoping others will come along with their experiences. Evie xx

Hi there Sarnau

Oh yeah, I started tamoxifen a few weeks ago and have struggled most nights to get to sleep. I was always pretty good at drifting off but now its hard work for sure. 

I have tried anything as yet, was waiting to see if it was just due to starting it, but I’ll let you know how it goes. 

At the mo I feel knackered all day and wide awake at bedtime. I’m thinking of trying some baths at night and maybe some lavender oil to help me so if it works ill let you know. 

Its a total pain though so :purple_heart: to you! There’s only so many sheep you can count right?



I suffered so intensely that I stopped taking Tamoxifen after 19 days. I could not sleep until 5 am every night. I was always a good sleeper but on Tamoxifen I was unable to sleep. My oncologist said take your pill first thing in the morning. It didn’t matter what time I took it. I would toss and turn and not sleep. I am on Day 5 of no Tamoxifen and my sleep has improved 80%. I keep reading it could take up to 2 weeks to get out of my system. I quit Tamoxifen to make sure I don’t have any underlying conditions since my side effects only on 5 mg was beyond intolerable.