tamoxifen and itching

HI Pineapple I notice that you have had rash with Tam, . I have not had rash but I am very itchy and it keeps me awake at night . Let me know how things go for you.
I have been on Tam about five weeks and itching started about a week ago, have appt with gp Thurs so I will discuss this with her.

I have itching that seems to come and go. I didn’t know whether it was the tamoxifen or herceptin.

Hi girls,
I had a really bad recurrence of my eczema, on my hands, arms and legs with tamoxifen. I switched to Nolvadex (different brand) and it cleared up straight away, and all hot flushes disappeared into the bargain! Maybe worth a try?

Hi Road runner and Jacquie Thanks will ask about Nolvadex if Gp thinks itch is due to Tam. Not on Her … so ca’nt be that.

Hi, its wasnt with tam its with Femara, i have gone 4 nights without taking it. My onc said a week so…
Last night was first night i didnt itchthe whole night! and i cant see any new spots this morning BUT i have been using those new eco balls and havent been gardening all week. So what i will do after a week is just intruce the femara back for a couple of weeks and see how i go as i would like to stay on them if i can.