tamoxifen and itchy spots!

Hi there
I was wondering whether anyone has experienced really itchy spots over the body - particularly my legs, but other places (inlucding my neck, bum, stomach etc etc)… They look like flea bites but I know they are not… They are so itchy… I have been on tamoxifen for nearly a year and the first episode started around 9 months (for about a month) and now again, at 11 months… I am not sure I can deal with this for another four years! I had a lumpectomy for a 1cm grade 2 tumour and 6 weeks rads. I am 39. Apparently I have around a 90% prognosis and the Tam only adds on 2-3%… Is it worth it I ask myself??

Hi I thought I’d post I’m on tamoxifen after chemo and rads but I’m just itchy all over> My head is the most itchy and its like i have head lice. I have patches of dry skin all over my body I’m going to the drs next week to discuss. I’ve been taking tamoxifen for 5 months now…am a year post dx and still waiting for my mammogram as well so need to find out what is happening. I feel like my body isnt my own anymore. Its horrible. I’m also really exhausted all the time and have terrible hot flushes. Sorry for the moan. Hope you get your itchy spots sorted out.