Tamoxifen and Leg and Back Pains

Hi I have been on Tamoxifen since October 2016 and have been getting a lot of hip pain on and off. I do have Arthritus in my right hip, but over the last few months it seems to be getting worse.I have tired like pains in my ankles and my knees feel very heavy too. It feels as though I just want to keep shaking my legs to get the horrible feelings away. My lower back is really stiff too.

Has anybody else suffered with this. Do you think I should see my GP? Its driving me mad!

Hi Lyndy

i wake in the night with extreme leg cramps and I always start the day with stiff knees / ankles, but can attribute some of this to my passion for running which I have refused to totally stop!

i think you should talk to someone…GPs can be very good but they might fob you off with the ‘give it time’ approach, mine has a bit with my insomnia ( I started on it in april16) Could your BCN help? Or the oncologist? 

It’s not acceptable to suffer like that.

take care



Hi Runningfree, thanks for sharing your experience with me. Well done you for continuing with your running, that’s fantastic. Since my posting I  have felt a lot better. I feel pretty sure that the hip pain is my arthritis and maybe the funny leg pains are tired pains as although I dont have any trouble getting to sleep, sometimes I  wake up four or five times a night! I suppose, like you that’s insomnia.

I have my next appointment  with my Oncologist this month so I will mention it to him and see what he says. 

In the meantime, I  have taken up Yoga and am finding it pretty amazing. I wish I  had done it years ago.

My Yoga tutor told us that if you get cramp,  massage both ears from top to bottom with your thumb and forefinger and it will go. Hubby and I have tried it and amazingly it does work. Try it when you get leg cramp again. I do hope it gets better Cath.