tamoxifen and leg pain and stopping taking tamox while travling

hi i have been getting severe pain in my right leg it is not cramps but like stabbing pains and i have only noticed it since i have been on tamoxifen so just need some reasurance really.
also has anybody stoped taking it for one or two weeks while they go on holiday as i want to go on holiday with out horrible side effects
thanks rose

Dear roseric

This is just to mention that you could also call our helpline to talk over you concerns. They are there for information and support. The opening times are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays. The number is 0808 800 6000.

Very best wishes


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I do get a funny stabbing pain occaisionally in my left thigh which makes me feel sick and often need to sit down. I did not have this prior to starting tamoxifen, am not sure what it is. I did have a bone scan but that came back ok. I have not taken a tamoxifen holiday, am too scared too,
Emma x

hey there - two things -
first the pain - you could discuss with your GP to rule out other possibilities so you know its the tamox side effect and then you can “relax” into living with it a bit easier maybe? I get horrible cramp at night and it drives me crazy but after each bout i think well thats one less i have to have now …amazing how quick the 5 years seems to be passing.
seond the tamox holiday - years ago there was a lass on here who took a tamox holiday for her wedding and honey moon - with Onc support and agreement - not sure what the data says about it and any short or long term effects - I’m in the place where i now know how my body is with the tamox so just keep trucking on - don;t want to rock the boat incase the side effects go wacky again - they are now so predicatable its kind of reassuring!!!
best wishes whatever you decide,