Tamoxifen and Lower Pelvic Pain

Hi just wondered if anyone else has experienced pain in the lower pelvic area. I have been on Tamoxifen for 7 weeks and can cope with the hot flushes but since last week I have been getting pelvic pain. I thought I may have a urinary infection as the pain is so low but was worried in case it was anything more sinister. Went to see my GP today who gave me a thorough examination and said everything was normal and its just my body getting used to the drug. She said my urine test was fine. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m not one for rushing to the doctors for just odd twinges  but these are quite noticeable shooting type pains. I’m post menopausal although I’m only 47 and they don’t feel like period pains.I guess its just another something I have to put up with! I was told to mention it to my oncologist at my next appointment which is in about 3 weeks time nearly the end of my radiotherapy. I hope they settle soon - don’t think I could put up with this for the next 5 years :smileysad:

I had this, although mine did feel a bit like period pain. Saw GP she checked me out said all normal. Asked onc and he said it was a possible side effect of the Tamoxifen. I have been on it almost a year now and they have stopped, but they took a few months to settle down.

Hi Sharnie, I had the same thing at about the same time but it only lasted for a week or two.