Tamoxifen and macula degeneration

I have been taking Tamoxifen for 2 years now. I went for an eye check up yesterday eyes my ees seem to hav got worse!
anyway after many tests I have been told that I have Macula Degeneration in my left eye. Te Optician said it could be due to the Tamoxifen . A yet they don’t know how quickly it will spread and are keeping their eyI on me.
i hate taking Tamoxifen anyway so I am now really thinking of coming off it. Has anyone else had this experience?

I only recently started on tamoxifen so have not experienced what you are suffering, however I had a regular eye test and the optician to.d me that macula degeneration is one of the known SEs . Sorry that you are struggling with it. Sending you big hugs.


I am currently waiting an ophthalmology appointment because the vision in one of my eyes has become very blurry (now for about 4 months).  The optician thinks it is probably Posterior Vitreous Detachment (PVD) due to me being very myopic, but my BCN agrees it might be linked to Tamoxifen.  I have now been given a cancellation appointment for Monday coming (2nd Sept) so will report back when I’ve been.


I, too have been on Tamoxifen for two and a half years (just over two when this started)

Thanks Catseye (seems an appropriate name somehow!!)


I’m not looking for a Tamoxifen link, just know that there is a nice vague allusion to ‘vision changes’ on the side effects list.  Trust me, I’ll be very happy if it is “just” because I’m severely myopic!!:catwink:

Just to close out my contribution on this thread… Ophthalmologist confirmed I have PVD in both eyes and a particularly large ‘blob’ in my left eye, but basically I just have to put up with it and eventually I’ll stop noticing it.  When I pressed him about Tam and AIs he was very non-committal (and seemed not very interested).  Overall then, good news.  Just need to think more about font sizes and stop trying to read lying down!!