Tamoxifen and me

Tamoxifen and me

Tamoxifen and me Hi all - just had to let you all know - I have finished, yes finished with the Tamoxifen - its been two years of hell. No more tablets for me thank you very much.
Wh - hoooooooooooooo

I am not taking an alternative - I am doing fine according to the Breast Clinic - they have even given me a 12 month appointment so another
Wh - hooooooooo

Will keep you informed of my progress.

David W

Hi David

In your profile, you say that you are probably ER-. That’s possibly the reason why you are being taken off tamoxifen.


Am so pleased for you Hi David,
I am so pleased for you that is such good news.
I have been on Taomoxifen for 2 weeks now and so far it is ok just getting hot flushes so I have brought a chillow pillow which has helped. Have also started radio which I am not coping to well with.
Looking forward to seeing you In September for the fasion show.
Love Clairemm x x