Tamoxifen and Merina Coil


Has anyone experienced womb thickening, heavy bleeding as a result of tamoxifen and been told to have a Merina coil fitted? I had HER2+ breast cancer in 2014 and the tamoxifen is causing some problems! I am reading mixed messages about whether the Merina coil is safe for oestrogen positive BC. 

I’d love to hear anyone’s similar experiences!

Thank you! 


I have a mirena coil and am oestrogen positive diagnosed last year .I am very reluctant to have it removed . I had it originally put in following a womb ablation in 2019 . My GP has been really helpful and trying research what to advise . What the outcome has been for me it’s that the breast surgeons asked said minimal effect . The oncologist undecided and the gynaecologist was also undecided. So I don’t think there is a lot of specific research . Have agreed with my GP to keep it in until next year when it is due to be removed and if I have problems with bleeding again I can have a new one . I know it doesn’t specifically answer your problem. It was really helpful to have a discussion with the GP about quality of life with heavy periods v risks of the coil

I had a Mirena coil fitted for the progesterone, and found it ok, as part of my HRT, but had it removed after my BC was diagnosed, 8/8 PR+ and 7/8 ER+ Her neg. That and stopping the Oestrogel sent me straight into menostop!! Awful SE, dry itchy skin, VA, etc, just seem a gynaecologist in the gynae clinic who prescribed topical oestrogen for th e VA, and I have just bought Oestrogen Matters from Amazon, to read more-it looks interesting. Most Oncs and GPs sit on the fence, but most of the real research says there is no direct link between oestrogen and BC. Do some investigation yourself to see. Tamoxifen is supposed to cause a higher incidence of uterine cancer in post meno women. 

I was told that hormone receptor breast cancer patients can’t have any hormonal birth control.
I was only allowed to get the copper IUD, which my body expelled because I developed a massive polyp from tamoxifen.

Thickening is very common when taking tamoxifen, most of the time is nothing. :relaxed: