Tamoxifen and mirena coil

I have had a lumpectomy on 23rd September I have also had the all clear but need to take tamoxifen and also have radiotherapy .My progesterone level is 8 and oestrogen is also 8 .I have had the mirena coil for the past 13 years it was inserted due to extremely heavy periods. It has worked brilliantly for me no periods or any other side affects.My consultant has recommended that I have it removed to see if I am menopausal (I’m 50 next month ) but he then said that if my symptoms return I can have the coil put back in …why remove it ??? Just wondering if anyone else is using both at the same time ??

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Yes I’m using both at the same time!!

Hi I was in the same boat but I was 9 on both and have pcos. My gynaecologist took marina out before I had surgery as I told to have it removed and was told I couldn’t have it ever again. I have been on tamoxifen with horrendous side effects so oncologist has taken me off it. Off to see gynaecologist tomorrow on oncologist referral to with have my ovaries removed or hysterectomy. Since my coil was taken out I have had 3 periods. I am 48 pre menopausal. Hope that helps Ruth

Hi Shak and co!


I don’t mean to put anyone off the mirena coil if you have made your decision in light of the facts, but it’s worth being aware…oncologists generally don’t recommend the coil after breast cancer because some of them release hormones…and hence may slightly increase risks re breast cancer reoccurence etc, more on this link:



Given that risks generally decrease the longer after inital diagnosis and hormone treatment, some oncologists seem to (mine was) of the view that it may be a quality of life decision once you are a few years into the hormone therapy. I appreciate heavy periods are bit of a nightmare. Given the risks I take Tranexamic acid and Mefenamic acid (both tablet form), as prescribed by GP and gynocologist for heavy periods, and okayed by the onc. 


I wrote a post about this topic on the forum earlier today - please see link below:



I this helps clarify matters a tad and suggests a potential alterative.


You might want to discuss options other than the coil with your GP and onc.


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I am right now in the same position. how did this work out fpfor r you?
i really cant find a REAL reason to remove it yet. xxc

Hi. I am 46 and in a very similar situation. My gp gave me a blood test before she took out my mirena to see if I would need contraception/Was pre or post menopausal. I was pre and weirdly it felt very liberating to have it removed and have a ‘proper’ period after so many years…but maybe that was just me ?