tamoxifen and mood swings

hi all

for the second time since september i nearly packed my bags and left home last night after saying some quite bad things to my OH. it was only when he said ‘what are you on?’ that it clicked that it could have something to do with tamoxifen. he says if i’m not on anything, then i need to be, because im just being nasty.

i got up this morning completely different and perfectly happy. so strange.

i’m not getting much in the way of side effects from taking it, occasional hot flush, aches and pains sometimes but thats all. been on it 4 months now.

has anyone had similar experiences.

angie xx

Hi Angiepops

So sorry to hear you’re feeling like this, if you need someone to talk to then the staff on the helpline are just a free phone call away.  Lines are open until 5pm today (weekdays) and 10-2 Saturdays.  Also, don’t forget General Live Chat will be running as usual on Thursday evening between 8.30pm and 9.30pm where I’m sure you’ll get some much needed support.

Take care,

Jo, Moderator

Hi Angie

I’m not having  such quick mood swings but I have felt really down and depressed/anxious for a week, then better for a few days then suddenly really down again. This started 2 weeks into tamoxifen. I don’t know what’s going on !!

love Mel xx

Hi Angie,
I have been on Tamoxifen for nearly 4 months now, and my mood swings are just getting worse and worse! I have a history of depression so at first I thought I was getting depressed again and did not attribute my lowering mood to the drug. However, after a few days of complete hell (crying uncontrollably, being extremely sensitive, feeling sleepy all the time, losing all sense of enjoyment), I woke up one morning feeling perfectly well, happy, almost euphoric! Energy levels got up, life was colourful again! Only to swing back to depression a couple of days later… And then back to normal life again!!! I find this roller coaster utterly exhausting, my children are scared, my husband is confused… He said that I cannot carry on like this (I absolutely agree!), and suggested seeing a doctor. I’m going to ask my doctor to calculate my absolute risk of recurrence, and if it is not too high I think I will stop taking Tamoxifen. It is supposed to help me prolong my life, but if it means a longer life in hell I choose quality not quantity. Val