Tamoxifen and Multi vitamin tablets.

Hi, does anyone know if you can take multi vitamin tablets with tamoxifen, and also does tamoxifen lower your immune system.

hi trish i have taken a multivitamin tablet a month after i finished my chemo in may,for my hair growth!i checked with my pharmacist and she said it was fine. i check when i change type (taking imadeen at the moment) to make sure sure its ok. i also take sea kelp which i have been told is ok. i’ve never read or heard about it affecting the immune system so far all the best margaret

I bought some sea kelp y/day im on tomoxifen not sure if i can take them any advice

I found this on the website foodforbreastcancer.org useful, but it’s just their opinion. I am taking some of their advice (it is somewhere to start)
If the link doesn’t work go to the website and look under Articles.

Also the website CancerActive has some very interesting articles on food. Can’t help with supplements though, sorry.

The problem is, there are so many different opinions, even from (or especially from) the professionals. For example my oncologist encourages me to take probiotics for potential thrush during chemotherapy but in some chemo departments it is specifically forbidden! Mine also allows supplements, but others don’t like them. You have to make your own mind up, it seems, but at least these websites give you somewhere to start, and it has to be better than putting your head in the sand about your treatment.

Good luck

Thank you Rusty, an interesting link - it did work by the way!
My consultant told me I had ‘done everything right’ in the way of lifestyle and food choices and my BC was ‘just one of those things’. So I will just keep it up and hope that ‘those things’ don’t happen again!

Thanks Rusty - they also have an article on what to eat and what to avoid for those on AI’s.

finty x

Hello all, Im probably further on than any of you,but as regards taking vitamins I must be on the right ones cos I feel like jumping over the moon. The ones I start the day with are Co-Enzyme Q10 followed by Selenium,both of these(I read somewhere) have been proved to aid the recovery of cancer patients. Then I take a Multi-bionta vitamin pill,these I discovered a long time ago,cure thrush.
Then theres the bog-standard cod-liver oil & glucosamine for the joint aches,finally theres my chewable calcium prescription tablet.
I started this cocktail straight after my MX & chemo,I was on Femara first then 4 months ago I was put on Tamoxifen which dont have the SEs so much. Good luck, Love Mags xx

Thanx for all the advice.