tamoxifen and OCD

hello ! can I ask if anyone has any experience of tamoxifen when they have a history of OCD.
I am very anxious about starting tamoxifen as I feel that my mental/emotional balance is so delicately balanced that any big change might tip me over. I have a long history of OCD which is more or less in check, but I do suffer from anxiety and revert to rituals and repetitive behaviour under stress. I am frightened that the tamoxifen will make me feel differently about myself and that will effect how I am on a day to day basis, if that makes any sense - am not really expressing myself very well here !
I have delayed starting it until after rads,which end after 15 treatments next Tuesday - and I’m also working (I am a freelance illustrator) on a job with a deadline next week - so I felt I couldn’t risk it until after they’re both over. However, now that time is approaching I’m pretty wobbly about it all. Any ideas ?xxx

Hi Chipper
I don’t have a history of OCD but I started Tam last September and can reassure you I have felt no different and no significant side effects to report. Like you I was dreading starting Tam having read about really bad side effects and hot flushes on this site. Whereas without doubt Tamoxifen can give people troublesome effects not everyone will experience them and there are loads of people out there taking Tam and feeling fine but don’t mention it on this site because they don’t need to.
Well Done you for coming so far through treatment. I’m also a freelancer so know exactly what looming deadlines feel like but please don’t delay taking Tamoxifen if it’s been recomended to you. Some people have mentioned that side effects (if you get any) can be managed sometimes simply by changing brands.
Good Luck
E xx

I’m one of the “lucky” ones, so far anyway… this is my 4th month into tamoxifen and have had no side effects at all, Tho did read that someones SE’s did kick in after a year ! ooo errr.

I take it at night with 500mg evening primrose oil and I’m even on the cheapo CP pharmaceutical brand but have heard too that changing brands can help if you are having problems.
Good luck,hope it all goes well for you.

Sandra x

thank you both for your wise words - I am sure I will take it as it is the sensible option and I’d feel foolish refusing something designed to help me - am still worried but will discuss it with BCN. xxx

Hi chipper - do you take medication at the moment for the ocd? I’m having rads too at the mo - my prob is I take prozac for pmt symptoms…mary x
ps good luck with the deadline etc…

thanks kitten - no I don’t take meds for OCD - have you found any problems with rads and prozac ?

hi chipper - no prob with rads so far but am coming off the prozac because worried it can interact with the tamoxifen according to some sources, if I can’t manage there are other meds instead of the prozac so we’ll see…mary x

good luck with it all kittenkat xx