Tamoxifen and ovarian cysts

Hi Ladies

I have just had a scan and they have found a 4 cms cyst on my left overary. I heard that tamoxifen can cause this…has anyone else experienced a cyst after taking tamoxifen?


Hi Foxey,
I have just recovered from 6 ovarian cysts and 1 polyp
in my uterus,because of Tomoxifen.My doctor has changed me to Zolodex.I have had only 2 injections so still early days.
As soon as i stopped Tamoxifen the cysts have shrunk on their
own.I had to have the polyp removed.I am now fully better and the cysts have gone ,i never liked Tamoxifen i think you should speak to the doc about changing your treatment.
I feel better still having hot flushes though.
Good Luck !!!

I haven’t got a cyst but I have got polyps on my cervix and womb apparently caused by tamoxifen.These were found on a routine smear. I have an appointment with gynaecologist next week and a scan. What are they going to do with your cyst? I have been on Tamoxifen for nearly four years now.
Let me know how you get on.

Thanks Ladies…

I’ve been off tamoxifen for 4 months due to side effects but the oncologist wanted me back on it my Oct 1st so I dread to think how big it would have grown if I was still taking it. I’m now wondering whether the oncologist will keep me off it now due to the cyst. The only thing that worries me is my blood test on Monday showed that my oestroegen levels have gone up from 331 to 968…apparently overian cysts raise the oestroegen levels which is a concern as my cancer was oestrogen positive. Not sure if i should speak to the oncologist about this as the cyst was found by another hospital.

Foxy xx