Tamoxifen and periods


Just wondering how people are getting on with tamoxifen and periods. Mine are coming when they want but when I have one I feel weird…I would say it feels like i’ve been shaken and my brain feels EVEN more all over the place. I also feel like my body just aches and I want to just lay down and not get up! Reading the other posts maybe I need to try another brand because I also get some lovely side effects, like my downstairs area is on fire!


Hi there Darcyb

I have been on the tamox since last May now.

My periods are quite erratic - anything from 21 - 45 days!

I also feel really ratty before hand (but then i was before chemo etc anyway!).
They are quite light though, which is good.

As for the downstairs feeling like it is on fire - yes had that too! Don’t ask me what it is though, as i haven’t a clue!

Hi DarcyB,
I think it really varies from person to person. I’ve been on tamoxifen for about 2 & half years now & have only had one vague period in that time. If you’re having other side effects though, speak to your consultant or to your breast care nurses, they’re always good to run things past in the first instance I’ve found. Hope you get sorted.
Emma x