Tamoxifen and rash and heartburn

HI i’ve just joined. I’m on tam 6 wks. first 4 i was on half dose last 2 wks on 20mg. I’ve been doing ok. The usual flashed and sweats and a bit of skin feeling tingly and hypersensitive. Just last 2 days i’ve had 2 bouts of severe acid reflux. really sore pain across my upper back. I took gaviscon and busopan and ibuprofen and it settled. This morn i woke up with an extensive blotchy lumpy red rash all over my back, arms etc. I took antihistamine and it’s calmed a bit but not gone completly. I did take the tam shortly after dinner last 2 days. i was taking it right before bed. Just wondering has anyone had similar things happen? thanks in advance 

Hi welcome to the forum , I would contact your breast care nurse or oncologist to discuss this may not be related to the Tamoxifen but needs checking out .Hope it settles soon for you . you could also ask about this in the Ask  the nurses but I suspect they will tell you to get checked out .