Tamoxifen and return to work

Hi all, i was diagnosed with triple neg invasive and hormone positive LCIS in Oct 22. I’ve completed chemo and radiation and started tamoxifen in Feb this year. The fatigue, brain fog and general feelings of ‘blah’ are intense. I plan on going back to work (HR Manager) in June but am really worried about actually being able to keep up. I still need to nap every afternoon! Any tips or advice? I really don’t want to stop the tamoxifen.


Hi vivi2023, i was on Tamoxifen and got the brain fog when i first started. Could you possibly do a phased return to work? Maybe just mornings?
I did less hours working only 8 hours, 2 morning shifts but i work in retail so might not be an option for you.
Have you chatted to work? Which is entirely up to you. My work knew i had been through treatment and then i explained the brain fog after i made a little mistake at work. After that i just doubled checked and worked slower. It helped me having the management team be understanding.
Maybe have a think what could help you at work, as they can make adjustment. Like recording meetings or something. Sorry cant think of many as not my line of work.
Hope this helps a bit. Sending postive vibes

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Try taking your Tamoxifen late afternoon or evening so the worst of the effects occur in the evening or at night. I found that helped a lot. Also, I found my body seemed to get used to the hormone changes over time so the negative effects reduced (or maybe I just used to them).


Hi @vivi2023, things should definitely improve over time. Hope this helps, I was on tamoxifen for 5 years and I worked school hours. x


Thankyou, im going to try this. I am so tired of feeling tired.

Hi @vivi2023

Well done on getting through your treatment and are starting to feel like going back to work.

You may be interested to know that following cancer diagnosis and treatment you are now classed as having a disability and your employer is therefore legally required to make reasonable adjustments when you return to work. Most people find that a phased return and light duties at first help to make the transition back into work a bit easier: you may want to discuss what you can and can’t do prior to your return

I read somewhere recently about “managing your energy rather than your time” which I think is a really helpful way to think about what we choose to do and perhaps more importantly what we choose not to do!

Wishing you all the very best for your continued recovery and your return to work

AM xxx