Tamoxifen and sinus, inner ear fluid problems?

I’ve had chronic sinus swelling, pain and fluid in the inner ear for over six months. Only drug I’m on is Tamoxifen… is this an SE? Has anyone else had similar.

Saw ear and nose doc who said use steriod drops, but they made pain worse.

Thanks x

I’m sorry I’m not on Tam, so can’t help with that, but wanted to ask what treatments have you tried already? Sudafed is usually good for drying up sinuses. When I had a long running sinus infection (not in the ear though) I got a lot of pain relief from a hot pack made by heating a damp flannel in the microwave and holding it against the skin. It seemed to help drain the fluid. I hope you find something that works soon.

finty xx

Hi, Jan - not a SE I’ve heard of altho’ I’ve suffered from sinus congestion for years and years. Started Tamox in Nov. Interestingly sinuses were totally clear for a week after the op ? anaesthesia or the oxygen? Sudafed is gd but shouldn;t be taken if you have high blood pressure! The Beloved always suggests Vick inhalations but loathe them. If you find a cure, let me know! Barbara

Hi Jan
I’ve had blocked sinuses since starting on Tamoxifen and a very dry throat. Also acid reflux so yours could well be the tabs. I don’t take anything so I can’t help you there.

Hi,I’ve had really bad sinus headaches and acid reflux too. It didn’t occur to me that I could blame it on the Tamoxifen.

I can also relate to sinus problems since being on Tamoxifen (coming up to 4 years on Tamoxifen), but didn’t even think about attributing it to being a side affect of the drug.
My GP gave me Nasonex, but I don’t really like using it all the time as it contains steroids.
I am hoping to speak to my GP again soon because since having a cough and cold over Christmas I’ve been troubled again with sinus problems and constantly having to swallow because I feel there is mucus in the back of my throat all the time.

Goodness, the things we have to put up with :frowning:

Thanks girls, your comments are very helpful.

I’m going back to the GP again tomorrow and will keep going back until I get some relief. The pain and mucus is driving me crazy.

Will keep you posted on progress.

Thanks again. x